Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines is the current de facto king of the city-building game genre, at least in my book. And although the PC version has a thriving mod community that has literally reshaped the game from the vanilla version, I personally prefer the controls of the console port. Unfortunately mods are a no-go for us console players, which means our only recourse for broadening the game’s assets and features is through official DLC packs.

And for the most part, developer Colossal Order has done a pretty good job of expanding on the base or vanilla game, though one could argue that adding basic mods, like “Move It” or one of the many traffic mods, to the console version would be a desirable DLC pack indeed. Especially considering the pace at which the official DLC packs release, with the last pack, Airports, having landed all the way back on January 25, 2022.

Cities Skylines

But fear not, fellow console (and also PC) players, as Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have announced that the upcoming Plazas and Promenades DLC will be releasing fairly soon. This will introduce 300 new assets for players to use in their city builds, and focus more on more pedestrian-centric city centers and walkways, which will hopefully help cut down on traffic congestion and the need for lane mathematics and other such Biffa-specific building tips.

And although this doesn’t (at least yet) appear to include “Movie It” or any traffic mod solution for console players, new content is always a welcome development for longtime players.

The suggested MSRP is looking to be around the usual $14.99 U.S. mark, which is no real surprise. There is no concrete release date as of yet so stay tuned for when that is finally revealed, which I would expect to be sooner rather than later.

I always get pumped about new content pack announcements for Cities Skylines, even if they never go as far in reshaping the overall game as I would like. But as long as I stay chained and devoted to the console port, beggars can’t be choosers.

You can check out the odd trailer announcement below to see hints of what you can expect from the Plazas & Promenades DLC.

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