Final Fantasy XIV - Odin Statue

Did you know there’s a special Odin-themed emote in Final Fantasy XIV? It’s called the Zantetsuken emote, and it’s incredibly rare. Seekers of the most legendary emotes in the game will definitely want to show this one off in Limsa Lominsa.

Here’s a video of the emote in action:

So how do you get this rarest of emotes? Well, there’s some bad news for anyone who’s not willing to drop a whole ton of money on a mega-rare collector’s item. Like Shiva’s Diamond Dust emote, this one comes with the Battle God Odin Meister Quality Figure, which was a super limited-time item.

And there’s even more bad news. While Square Enix does re-release these figures occasionally, they’ve de-listed this one from their website (while the Shiva statue is still listed). So I’m honestly not sure this one will be able to be acquired in the future.

Also, a word of caution to anyone looking for this on the secondhand market: A lot of unsavory folks are buying the statue, redeeming the code, then re-selling the statue without the code. So if you buy an Odin statue on the secondhand market, you can’t be sure it’s going to come with a code.

So yeah, if you’re looking to pick up the Zantetsuken emote, your likelihood of acquiring it is pretty grim. But maybe Square Enix will either re-release the statue, or just sell the emote without the statue. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though…

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