Green Hell - Animal Husbandry

Developer Creepy Jar announced a new game mechanic for their survival horror crafting sim, Green Hell, which comes in the form of the Animal Husbandry update. With this update, players will now have the option to capture capybara, tapirs, and peccaries in order to coral and breed them.

Along with this update comes new in-game items to build, like the pen that houses your furry friends, as well as troughs for them to drink out of and a blow dart to sedate and capture them. And perhaps most importantly of all — and Creepy Jar was smart to point this out in their press email — is the ability to pet these little critters once you have gained their trust and affection.

I previously spent a decent amount of time playing Green Hell, on PC, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. And although some versions fair better than others, by and large Green Hell had already offered a good bit of fun. The insanity meter while dealing with hostile native tribes is real edge-of-your-seat stuff, and the survival aspects are pretty darned grueling — enough to prevent you from ever being too confident or comfortable.

Green Hell - Animal Husbandry

Of course, there is also a tourist mode that does away with all of those challenges and just lets the player take in the sights of this gorgeous tropical locale.

And although it has been a minute since I’ve gone back to play Green Hell, the Animal Husbandry update makes this the perfect time to hunker down Camping with Steve style, and raise some cute little Capybara.

You can check out the trailer for Green Hell‘s Animal Husbandry update below.

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