Path of Titans

The Tyrannosaurus Rex has been fascinating children and adults alike for decades now. This beast ruled over the Cretaceous Period (the Rex part does mean King), with its massive jaw contrasting with its tiny arms and tiny brain. As it turns out, that tiny brain was probably a lot more densely packed then ours are (if bird brains are any indication), but still, tiny brain nonetheless. It’s a true American classic.

So when I fired up Path of Titans for the first time and was asked to choose a dinosaur, there only seemed to be one correct answer. This decision would have been a bit more difficult if there were velociraptors in the game, but as of right now, there aren’t any (new dinos are added regularly, so I imagine velociraptors will get some love eventually).

For my first character, I rolled the mighty T-Rex. Just take a look at this chompy boi:

Path of Titans

However, there’s a tradeoff in choosing the chompiest of all chompy bois: Carnivores need to hunt to eat, while herbivores can just munch on some foliage to satiate that hunger meter. And the T-Rex is super slow on both land and in water, so hunting can become a bit of a chore.

But there’s another issue that I should have seen coming long before I entered this prehistoric world: Pretty much everyone is playing as T-Rex. In my short time with Path of Titans, I already encountered people in chat who had managed to put together whole groups of T-Rex players.

This had me feeling a bit self-conscious. It’s like showing up for the first day of class and realizing that you’re wearing the same shirt as five other people in that class. That’s going to lead to some awkwardness, where you kind of avoid looking anyone in the eyes for fear of accidentally making eye contact with someone in the same shirt as you.

Or maybe you just own that awkwardness. You just confidently walk up to another classmate and go, “Cool shirt, bro,” and then initiate a fist bump.

Here’s the thing, though: With its tiny arms, the T-Rex will not be doing a lot of fist-bumping.

Path of Titans

So I guess I’m going to roll a new character. This time I think I’ll go with something super obscure. Path of Titans currently has 26 dinosaur species to choose from (if my math is correct), so I’m sure I can find something that’s a bit further off the beaten path. Struthiomimus looks cool…

Path of Titans - Struthiomimus

We’ll see if I can rock this feathered bird thing or if I’ll just end up as a meal for the massive army of T-Rexes that’s prowling this prehistoric wildland. In the meantime, stay chompy, my friends.

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1 year ago

I get it, it’s by far the most known Dino, as of right now I think it’s the most powerful also, it terms of just raw power, as well as being the newest, so tons of people are going to flock to it but I feel same as you, it seems like everrrryone is a Rex, I’ve been playing almost non stop since it released on console and my exp has been, half the server are T. rex and the other half of the server is a assortment of the other 25 Dino’s, I’ve grown 6 Dino’s to adult so far (not a Rex) and I can assure you all, they are very fun too, should give them a try, my personal favs so far are Daspleto and iguanadon, in every single server (I only played on official so far) there’s at least 1 pack of Rex’s, usually 2 or 3 packs, just roaming the map, I can take them down if they are alone but that’s extremely rare, I’ve only killed 4 Rex’s so far (all as daspleto) but i can tell you it’s incredibly satisfying when you find a lone Rex and kill it, I’m sure the hype will die down in a few weeks but I’m afraid it won’t be by much, as of now it feels like a Rex playground that I get to run around in, I’m not sure there is anything that can be done about it either, except release more very well known Dino’s, like the velociraptor you mentioned, til then I’m afraid it’s going to feel like a “avoid the Rex packs” game instead of a Dino survival game

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