Way of the Hunter - Truck

Way of the Hunter has a massive, massive world. In fact, there are two massive open worlds in this game: Nez Perce Valley in the Pacific Northwest, and Transylvania. Traveling from one edge of a map to the other can be a pretty big undertaking, but you’ve got some trucks to make things easier. However, if you use the game’s fast travel feature, you might find yourself separated from your vehicle by miles.

Thankfully, Way of the Hunter provides a couple convenient ways to be reunited with your wheels, and I’m going to walk you through both of them.

The Lodge Computer

Way of the Hunter - Use Computer

First up, you can access the computer at the lodge. There are several tabs here, but the one you’re looking for is called Car. Go to the Car tab, then select a vehicle. Once you do that, your car will appear in the parking spot outside the lodge.

Parking Signs

Way of the Hunter - Vehicle Recall

Alternatively, if you find a Parking sign, you can access a similar menu. As you approach the sign, a prompt that says Interact will pop up. Once you interact with it, you’ll see a list of available cars. If you select one, it will appear close to the sign.

Note that Parking signs aren’t super common, but you’ll usually find them outside cabins.

So there you go. You don’t need to worry about getting yourself stuck far, far away from your vehicle in Way of the Hunter, because now you know how to summon it from select locations across the map. Hopefully that helps!

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