Cult of the Lamb

Update: We did find a workaround for this issue. You can read about that here. Otherwise, the original article is posted below.

I loaded up Cult of the Lamb on my Nintendo Switch the other day to find a confusing surprise. The game asked me to recruit a follower with a notification called “A Shepherd Without a Flock.” And the stakes were high; if I didn’t recruit a follower within the allotted timeframe, my game would permanently end.

What really makes this bewildering is that I already had a follower. In fact, if you look at the image below, you’ll see that I had not one but seven followers.

Cult of the Lamb

When I saw this, I thought I’d close the game and open it again, but the notification was still there. I think it autosaved after a new day began. So when I loaded the game, everything was the same except that I had less time to complete this task.

I went through the dungeon and pretty much just ignored that notification, hoping it would go away. However, the game saved again, with even less time for the task to be completed.

Now, every time I open the game, I have about 30 seconds before I “fail” because I have “no followers” (again, I actually have seven). After a quick Google search, I found a Reddit thread about this exact issue (though the Redditor claims to have nine followers instead of seven).

Cult of the Lamb - Game Over

I should point out that Half-Glass Gaming’s site owner Josh did find plenty of bugs in his time with the prerelease build of Cult of the Lamb (on PC), but when he reviewed the final build (also on PC), he played for more than 40 hours across two separate save files (completing the game on one of those save files) and didn’t have a single issue. Admittedly, this issue seems like it’s pretty rare.

I don’t have much patience for games that force me to start over because of a bug. I had a similar issue in Shadow Complex, where I was near the end of the game, but I was caved in a corner of the map because I ventured out of the way instead of picking up a powerup that would’ve helped me get out. I was so pissed that I ranted on Shadow Complex’s forums until they deleted my post and banned me. Twice.

In this case, I’m not nearly as mad, but I still am frustrated and disappointed. I really do like this game; I was having a good time building my cult and exploring the game’s dungeons.

But now, I have a platform for sharing my gaming experiences, and I probably won’t get banned from Half-Glass Gaming any time soon (editor’s note: probably not). So I’m here to tell you: If you do play Cult of the Lamb, know that there’s a chance something could break out of the blue and cause you to lose all your progress.

Cult of the Lamb

Will I start the game again? Probably, yeah. It’s not a long game, and I enjoy it despite some of the potential bugs. Hopefully, with time, anomaly game-ruining bugs like mine will be fixed.

But while the wound is still fresh, I think I’ll put down Cult of the Lamb for now.

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