Cities Skylines - Parks and Promenades

The PC version of Cities: Skylines has pretty much anything you could want for your city thanks to the extremely talented modding community. And I’m not just talking cosmetics or building assets here; the suite of editing tools and tweaks turns this already robust city-builder into a entirely different beast altogether.

But alas, console builders have had the displeasure of simply watching from a distance, relegated to the vanilla game and the dozen-or-so content packs that have trickled out since the game launched back in 2017. Most of this content — I’m talking about the meaningful packs and not just the radio stations — has done a fine job expanding on the base game, but it seems to release at a drip-feed pace, keeping us alive but thirsty amidst the content drought.

Thankfully, we console plebes get a few table scraps today in the form of the latest meaty DLC, Plazas & Promenades, as well as two new content creator packs: Mid-Century Modern and Seaside Resorts. In fact, this is perhaps the biggest content drop in the history of the console port, and I am all for it.

Plazas & Promenades DLC

The Plazas & Promenades update will cost you $14.99 and will include:

  • New pedestrian streets
  • New pedestrian areas and new policies
  • New district specialization
  • New city service buildings
  • 5 new maps

Mid-Century Modern Content Creator Pack

The Mid-Century Modern Content Creator Pack from creator REVO will only set you back $5.99 and will include:

  • District style for growables
  • 3 hotels and 2 restaurants
  • 30+ additional decorations such as fences, furniture, and yard decorations
  • Car ports (finally!!)

Seaside Resorts Content Creator Pack

The Seaside Resorts Content Creator Pack will also only set you back $5.99, and will include:

  • 29 beautiful buildings, including:
    • Historical landmarks from the early 1900s based on various locations around the United States of America.
    • Local library, police and fire services
    • Historical train station (be still, my beating ferroequinologist heart!!)


As you can see, today is a great day for Cities: Skylines content, especially if you play exclusively on console. You can also purchase all three of these content packs and DLC, in addition to two radio stations, in the Cities: Skylines – Plazas And Promenades Bundle, which will set you back $29.99. I personally don’t really care much for the radio stations, as I play with the music turned off, but for only a few extra dollars, this is a decent option (if this is your jam and you don’t already own the Paradise Radio and Shoreline Radio DLC, I mean).

It looks like I will have my gaming schedule full for the next little while, not that it needed to get any fuller, mind you. I will be picking up all three of these packs and diving in to see just how much of an impact they make. And in addition to the bullet point add-ons, there are usually a few tweaks to the game overall that developer Colossal Order Ltd. slips in from time to time, which will also be exciting to discover and explore.

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