House Party - Doja Cat DLC

If you’re unfamiliar with House Party, I can’t say I blame you. It’s a game where you go to a party and try to boink as many of the guests as possible. And by boink, I mean have sex with, in case that wasn’t clear.

It was revealed way back in March that Doja Cat would be coming to House Party. In case you missed the big announcement, here’s the reveal video:

Not only is Doja Cat lending her likeness to the game, but she voiced all the lines herself. In fact, Eek! Games even let her ad-lib her own lines to make sure her real-life personality comes through. On top of that, she hand-picked three outfits that her character will be wearing in the game.

So, when does the Doja Cat DLC drop? Well, it turns out, it’s coming at the end of this month. That’s right the Doja Cat DLC drops on September 30, 2022.

Aside from all the Doja Cat goodness, Eek! will be making some changes to the cutscene system to prevent Achievement popups from blocking your steamy activities. Because yes, things get pretty steamy. And by steamy, I really mean… well, you know.

House Party - Doja Cat DLC

Honest-to-goodness, I actually had a blast with House Party. I even showed it to some friends, who also had a blast with it. If you can put up with a little bit of sleaze (okay, a whole lot of sleaze), there’s a really fun game here.

So yeah, I think I probably will return to the game on September 30 to see if I can fumble my way through Doja Cat’s content.

For the story, of course. For the story…

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