Hitman 3 - Neon Ninja

Hitman 3 is well into its second year of updates, and while the flood of content has definitely slowed, IO Interactive is not ready to stop quite yet. With the Year 2 September Roadmap, IO has revealed more stuff coming to everyone’s favorite assassination simulation game.

And it’s outfits. That’s the important thing here, outfits.

First up is the Neon Ninja suit, which was actually added to the game yesterday. You can see it pictured at the top of this post, or you can go unlock it by playing Elusive Target Arcade in Hitman 3.

Next up is the Lucky Ducky Suit, which is coming to the game on September 15. The unlock method is the same as the Neon Ninja — you’ll need to do this in the Elusive Target Arcade game mode. (If you want a full list of unlocks in the Hitman World of Assassination Trilogy, well, I’ve got one.)

Aside from the new suits, you’ve got a few more things, such as returning Elusive Targets and new Featured Contracts.

Hitman 3 - September Year 2

Here’s a full chronological list of Hitman 3‘s September content:

September 1

  • New Elusive Target Arcade contracts
  • The Neon Ninja Suit is unlockable

September 8

  • Hokkaido is free for all players – expires September 18

September 9

  • The Rage (Elusive Target on Chonqing) – expires September 19

September 15

  • New Elusive Target Arcade contracts
  • The Lucky Ducky Suit is unlockable

September 16

  • The Surgeons (Elusive Target on Hokkaido) – expires September 26

September 23

  • The Stowaway (Elusive Target on Isle of Sgàil) – expires October 3

September 29

  • New Featured Contracts on Ambrose Island
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