Cyberpunk 2077 - Turbo-R 740

Have you ever had one of those gaming sessions where absolutely everything goes wrong? You know, when the stupid, brainless little thing you’re trying to do just goes completely off the rails, kicking off a chain reaction of disaster and shame? Well, folks, I had one of those sessions. No, this wasn’t as bad as my completely absurd Halloween delivery run in Red Dead Online, but this certainly wasn’t my finest hour.

Basically, I was driving around in Cyberpunk 2077 in my brand-new Turbo-R 740, when I realized I was going the wrong way. So I decided to make a U-turn. I hadn’t yet gotten used to the turn radius on this thing, so my U-turn didn’t go off according to plan.

First, I bumped into the concrete barrier separating lanes of traffic. Okay, no biggie, I just reversed and started moving the other direction. But I also hadn’t gotten used to the acceleration on this thing yet, and I ended up spinning out and sliding off the road onto the sidewalk. There just happened to be a pedestrian there, who was directly in my path, so she ended up getting knocked over.

But the embarrassment didn’t end there. I don’t even know how this happened (blame Cyberpunk 2077‘s goofy physics, I guess), but my car ended up flipping onto its back. The hood of the car became a catapult for the poor pedestrian, flinging her into the air.

If you want to see the whole thing in action, I saved a video. I had to. No one would believe this otherwise.

And that just might be the worst U-turn in Cyberpunk 2077 history.

Oh, and for anyone who’s worried about the pedestrian, know that she got back up and walked this one off, though I didn’t get that part on video. She’s okay, I promise. My dignity, though? That sucker’s dead and buried.

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