Justice Sucks - Purrpatrator

In Justice Sucks: Tactical Vacuum Action, there’s a Trophy/Achievement called Purrpatrator, which asks you to “Kill an enemy using the cat.” This is pretty simple if you know what you’re looking for.

First up, you need to find the cat. The location is randomized, but if you’re playing “Rescue Mission” on the CyberCruise map, it’s usually found out on the ship’s deck near the fish tank. It might be here:

Justice Sucks - Purrpatrator

Or here:

Justice Sucks - Purrpatrator

Or it might be on the other side of the fish tank, here:

Justice Sucks - Purrpatrator

If the cat isn’t in one of these three locations, you could attempt to search for it, or you could just reset the level and hope the cat spawns in a better place. The location of the cat should change every time you reset the level.

Once you find the cat, just suck it up to equip it. Now, you have to find an enemy, then use traps to get their health down to about one bar. Once you do that, you can fling the cat at the enemy. The cat will attack, which should cause the enemy to die so long as their health was already almost zeroed out.

Here’s a video of this technique in action:

Note that if you can finish the level with the cat still equipped, you will earn the High Fashion Trophy as well.

And that’s how you earn the Purrpatrator Trophy/Achievement in Justice Sucks: Tactical Vacuum Action. Good luck, my feline-flinging friends!

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