Medieval Dynasty

Half-Glass Gaming’s Julian Watkins has been a fan of Medieval Dynasty for a while now, following its journey through Early Access and various updates.

But some of us here at Half-Glass — including myself — have been eagerly anticipating the console release of the game, which was hinted at back in July. It turns out, we won’t be waiting much longer, as developer Render Cube and publisher Toplitz Productions have announced the console release date for Medieval Dynasty: October 6, 2022.

Now, it’s not clear which consoles the game will be coming to quite yet — even the game’s official page on the Toplitz website is light on details. I would imagine that a Nintendo Switch version would be out of the question, but then again, if No Man’s Sky can run on Switch, then maybe it’s not completely unrealistic to think Medieval Dynasty might. My assumption is that we’ll see PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions, but will there also be PS4 and Xbox One versions? Or will the default versions be PS4/Xbox One, with the game also on PS5 and Xbox Series via backward compatibility?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thankfully, that wait isn’t long.

You can check out the console release date trailer below.

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