Shovel Knight Dig - Chester

There are several categories of items in Shovel Knight Dig, and Accessories are probably the easiest to wrap your head around. Basically, they provide temporary upgrades for when you’re spelunking your way through the mines.

These are found in the mines themselves, and they will only last until the end of a run. Unlike Relics, you can have multiple Accessories equipped at once.

When you start the game, your pool of potential Accessories has 15 options, but you can unlock a dozen more as you progress through the game.

How to unlock Accessories in Shovel Knight Dig

Shovel Knight Dig - Chester

Unlocking Accessories is super easy. All you have to do is visit Chester (shown at the top of this article) at his shop to the left of where you start out. He will sell you additional Accessories. Once purchased, that Accessory will be added to the pool of possible Accessories you might find on a run.

So unlocks are permanent, but Accessories themselves are not. Once you unlock an Accessory, it will be unlocked forever, but when you equip an Accessory, it will only last until the end of your current run. Make sense?

Note that every time you purchase an Accessory, the price goes up by 1,000 gemstones. So the first one costs 1,000, the second one costs 2,000, the third one costs 3,000, and so on. It doesn’t matter which ones you buy; the price will always go up after each purchase.

Finding Chester in the mines

Shovel Knight Dig - Chester

You can also sometimes find Chester while in the mines. He tends to hide in a blue treasure chest (get it, Chest-er?) and he will offer to sell you Accessories. Note that this shop functions differently than his main shop back at the camp. The in-mines version of Chester is selling you Accessories to be equipped for that run. So here, his inventory is pulled from the pool of Accessories you currently have unlocked, not the pool that you haven’t unlocked yet.

How to see what Accessories you currently have equipped

Shovel Knight Dig - Accessories

If you’re not sure which Accessories you currently have equipped, you can simply pause the game and check out the Accessories section of the pause menu. All of your equipped Accessories will show up as tiny icons, and you can select each icon if you want to read what the corresponding Accessory does.

Default Accessories

Shovel Knight Dig - Accessories

There are 15 Accessories that are already unlocked when you start the game.

  • Enchanted Slamvil – Seeks out strong foes, and weakens them before battle.
  • Suave Salve – Become more attractive to get better deals at shops. Maybe it could help you elsewhere, too…
  • Burrow Horns – Sharpened horns allow you to headbutt dirt.
  • Inverse Repeller – Magnetizes gems to you, even through dirt!
  • Lucky U-Shaped Charm – Carrying this will surely cause more riches to appear.
  • Spikeproof Sabatons – Provides safe traversal over spikes.
  • Looking Glass – Looks for secrets and points them out.
  • Platter Charm – Food will appear more often from foes and chests.
  • Boom Rock Trigger – Some rocks in the well become explosive.
  • Blast Ring – Resist explosive damage.
  • Lucky Magic Vial – Chance to spawn a magic jar when you use a Relic.
  • Fenix Feather – Revive after defeat, but only once.
  • Shovel Blade Flint – A spark extends the range of your Shovel Slash.
  • Dynamo Gauntlets – Perform three consecutive Shovel Drops to unlock a powerful Charge Slash.
  • Drop Spark – Slash to spark the ground when you’re at full health.

Unlockable Accessories

There are 12 more Accessories that must be unlocked.

  • Dynamo Greaves – Perform two consecutive Shovel Drops to gain a speed boost.
  • Comet Collar – Knock your enemies further.
  • Flameo Ring – Resist Fire Damage.
  • Tome of Relic Thrift – Relics have twice as many uses.
  • Leaping Plume – Jump higher.
  • Bolteo Ring – Resist Lightning Damage.
  • Book of Bomb – Defeated foes sometimes drop a bomb.
  • Scoot Boots – Run Faster.
  • Gusteo Ring – Resist wind damage.
  • Berserker Bauble – Shovel Blade deals double damage at low health.
  • Blizzeo Ring – Resist ice damage.
  • Dirtwrecker Curse – Walk into dirt or jump to dig through.
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