Shovel Knight Dig

Shovel Knight Dig is an incredibly addictive game with a lot to see and do. As is expected from pretty much every game these days, Shovel Knight Dig has a pretty robust selection of Achievements to challenge the mightiest of knights, though in this game they’re called Feats. There are 50 in the game at launch, though it’s possible we’ll see more added down the road. Or not. Who knows?

If you want to see your currently completed Feats, simply pause the game and go to the Options menu. From here, select the Feats option, and you should bring up a list. Feats you’ve completed will have a colorful icon next to them, and Feats you’ve yet to complete will be greyed out.

Shovel Knight Dig - Feats

Even though you can bring these up in the game menu, I’m going to list out every Feat in Shovel Knight Dig for reference. Note that these also match the Steam Achievements.

  • Victory! – Finish the game.
  • Decked Out – Purchase or unlock all Relics, Armors, and Accessories.
  • Hey Big Spender – Spend a combined total of 20,000 gems in the shops at the surface.
  • Thorough Victory – Finish the game having seen every world in one run.
  • Detector Mettle – Find all the secrets in one world.
  • Hide Owl Seek – Help Altius in three locations in the Mushroom Mines.
  • Omega Ouster – Disable the Omega Saw.
  • Scholar of Shovelry – Earn every Shovel Blade technique from Master Argus.
  • No Damage! – Finish any stage without taking damage.
  • Penny Pincher – Finish the game without spending any gems.
  • Student of Shovelry – Complete the tutorial.
  • First Purchase – Buy your first item.
  • Relic Rookie – Wield 5 relics.
  • Room Sleuth – Discover 20 secret rooms along the well’s sides.
  • Cog Catcher – Collect all 9 cogs in a world.
  • Cog Clogger – Open the Drill Capsule 10 times.
  • Mycophile – Dig through the Mushroom Mines.
  • Board Leader – Post a score on the Leaderboard.
  • Outfitted – Acquire a new set of armor.
  • Risk Taker – Choose 5 risky paths at the bottom of the well.
  • Oologist – Hatch 5 creatures from eggs.
  • True Shovelry – Beat the game without using any relics.
  • Hurry Up – Beat the game within 25 minutes.
  • Order of Hoarders – Have 20,000 gems on hand.
  • Untouched – Emerge unscathed from a battle with any Hexcavator.
  • Boom! – Defeat 5 foes at once using the War Horn.
  • Flameo Wander – Defeat an enemy with the Flameo Wand from more than 8 blocks away.
  • Weeding – Deflect a Throwing Trowel to defeat 3 enemies.
  • Money Grabber – Retrieve a money bag using the Reverse Exa.
  • Rising Feat – Defeat 3 enemies using the Rising Dagger without hitting the ground.
  • Dual Haunting – Defeat 2 enemies with one cast of the Shadow Locket.
  • Lancemorpher – Defeat a boss with a level 5 Morph Lance.
  • Wind Trap – Use the Gusteo Wand to push an enemy into a hazard.
  • Cold as Ice – Freeze Dozedrake with the Blizzeo Wand.
  • Bubble Blocker – Absorb 3 hits using the Bubble Frog.
  • Coffer Hoppin’ – Descend 50 blocks in a Coffer of Safekeeping.
  • Clearing a Path – Run over 5 enemies using the Mobile Gear Drill in one go.
  • Relic Roundtable – Defeat an enemy using 5 different relics.
  • Shovel Drop Streak – Defeat 12 enemies in a row using the Shovel Drop without touching the ground.
  • On a Diet – Finish a world without eating any food.
  • Dirt Poor – Don’t collect any gems in one stage.
  • Shovel Economy – Finish a level and swing the Shovel Blade fewer than 3 times, including digging.
  • Precious Cargo – Use a glass key acquired from a previous world in a new world.
  • Pocket Power – Defeat an enemy as Tiny Shovel Knight.
  • Shocking – Electrocute 3 enemies at once.
  • King of the Beasts – Have two different follow pets at one time!
  • Wash Up – Clean off a Mud-Encrusted Relic without using it.
  • Hat Trick – Finish off Spore Knight with her own hat.
  • Bug Lover – Defeat Hive Knight without hitting Fleck.
  • Unawares – Hit Master Argus with a surprise attack.
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