Shovel Knight Dig - Altius

In Shovel Knight Dig, there is a Feat (AKA an Achievement) called Hide Owl Seek, which asks you to “Help Altius in three locations in the Mushroom Mines. That’s a little bit cryptic, but this is actually super easy once you figure out what you’re supposed to do.

As suggested by the title of the Feat, Altius is an owl. But he’s not just any owl; he’s a pet owl belonging to the Shield Knight.

Shovel Knight Dig

You can find Altius perched on a signpost just to the right of where you drop into the mines.

If you get close to Altius, you can actually pet him by pressing up on the D-pad. But don’t get too cuddly; you’re going to have to rough him up a little bit. Give him a whack with your shovel to make him start flying. Now, you want to lure him to the mine, then pogo on top of him to bop him downward. If you can bop him down far enough, he will fly down into the mine.

Shovel Knight Dig - Altius

Once you’ve done this, Altius will accompany you whenever you start from the Mushroom Mines. Note that if you buy a ticket to another stage from Whisker, Altius will not be there, but if you then start your next run on Mushroom Mines, Altius will be back again. You only need to bop him down into the mine one time and he will always be in Mushroom Mines after that, is what I’m saying.

While you’re exploring Mushroom Mines, make sure you check out all of the side paths and secret rooms. Altius will be hiding in one of them (this could be on Mushroom Mines I, II, or III — it’s random).

Shovel Knight Dig - Altius

When you find him, bop him with your shovel to make him fly off again. Believe it or not, this counts as “helping” him. Personally, if someone bonked me in the head with a shovel, I wouldn’t be saying “thank you,” but I guess Altius just has different priorities (and a different pain threshold) than I do.

Anyway, once you’ve “helped” Altius, you will find him again at the bottom of the mines (after you beat Spore Knight). Shield Knight will show up and thank you for finding her pet owl.

Shovel Knight Dig - Altius and Shield Knight

Now, as you continue through the next stages, Altius will occasionally show up to help you out, opening up side paths and whatnot. This is actually essential in finding some of the game’s better kept secrets, including the game’s “True” ending.

Now, you just have to find Altius three times in Mushroom Mines (they can be on three separate runs) and you should pop the Hide Owl Seek Feat.

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