Halo Infinite - Toy Story

Forge, Halo‘s level-building toolset, will be coming to Halo Infinite this November (in beta). In the meantime, however, a few folks have gotten their hands on it a little early, including YouTuber Red Nomster. And he decided to do something completely wild: He re-created Andy’s room from Toy Story in Forge.

This build is wild, featuring Blue Base in a cardboard diorama and Red Base on Andy’s bed. There are lots of cardboard boxes around the room, as this is set during the original Toy Story when Andy’s family is getting ready to move.

There are dozens of incredibly cool details, like toy soldiers hidden in potted plants, boxes stuffed under the bed, toy airplanes hanging from the ceiling, and a half plugged-in cord that sparks randomly. I’m particularly fond of the Hot Wheels tracks, which allow you to do sick jumps with a Mongoose — or even without one.

There’s just so much cool stuff to marvel at in this build. If you want to see all of this for yourself, you can check out the full almost-30-minute video below.

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