Soulstice - Briar and Lute

In Soulstice, you don’t simply level up like in an RPG. Instead, you collect red and blue crystals, which you can spend on upgrades and items. Generally red crystals are spent on Briar’s upgrades, and blue crystals are spent on Lute’s.

But what about upgrading Briar’s health, or Lute’s entropy resistance?

Well, red crystals can also be spent in shops. Mostly, that just means visiting Layton at one of his many locations across the game world, but you can also visit shops in between chapters (you can use the Chapter Select option instead of the Continue option when you complete a chapter, but you should also have the option to visit a shop in the title menu before each chapter).

Soulstice - Shop

In these shops, there are two items that are going to be vital to your upgrade path, but the game doesn’t really walk you through this. You kind of have to figure it out on your own.

So, the two items you are looking for are the Sturdy Husk Chunk and the Iridescent Ethereal Weave.

  • Sturdy Husk Chunk – Increases Briar’s health.
  • Iridescent Ethereal Wave – Contains Lute’s entropy level.

Each one costs 15,000 red crystals initially, though they will get more expensive as you buy them, and both stats can be upgraded to 11. But as far as I can tell, you are limited to 6 until you reach New Game Plus.

Soulstice - Cobalt Tear Crystal

At the beginning of Act II, you should also see an item added to the list called a Cobalt Tear Crystal. This expands Lute’s skill tree outward. The first time you buy it, it’s free, but the price will skyrocket after that. (Note that Briar’s skills are completely tied to her weapons, so the only way to expand Briar’s available skills is to acquire new weapons.)

For all of these items, you’re limited in the amount you can buy, but it seems like more inventory comes in stock as you progress through the game.

And there you go. That’s how you improve the stats of both Briar and Lute in Soulstice.

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