In Soulstice, Lute has her own skill tree, while Briar does not. Briar’s upgrade system is completely tied to her weapons. You start out with two weapons, but you’ll earn more as you progress through the game.

So how do you earn every single one of Briar’s weapons in Soulstice? Well, Layton, the Observer, will gift them to you at various points throughout the story. Here is a brief rundown of where you’ll acquire each one.

Ashen Vindicator (Greatsword)

How to unlock: Equipped at the beginning of the game.

Soulstice - Ashen Vindicator

A versatile sword, fast and well balanced. Extremely useful to chain attacks with other weapons.

The Ashen Vindicator is the weapon that defines a Chimera of the Order of the Ancient Blade. A greatsword so massive and heavy that it cannot be wielded, let alone lifted, by anyone who lacks the exceptional strength of an Ashen Knight.

The Ashen Vindicator is too big to be sheathed in any scabbard or hang from the hip of its possessor. As a consequence, the Ashen Vindicator can’t help but reveal the identity of a Chimera with a glance. This ominous sight is more often feared than welcomed by the good people of Keidas. Even though they do not know the truth behind the sacred duty of these fearsome warriors.

Ashen Enforcer (Warhammer)

How to unlock: Equipped at the beginning of the game.

Soulstice - Ashen Enforcer

A heavy weapon that can be used to create an opening in the thick of battle. It will knock lightweight foes away, but it may not be the best choice when dealing with flying enemies.

Chimeras are not a common sight across the Holy Kingdom of Keidas. Few have ever seen one, and even fewer were lucky enough to survive an attack that required their direct intervention. As a consequence, it is not widely known that the Ashen Vindicator conceals an ingenious mechanism that transforms the greatsword into a two-handed war hammer.

Armed with an Ashen Enforcer, a Knight can land heavy, powerful blows, which easily break both shields and ethereal barriers.

The Ashen Vindicator and the Ashen Enforcer are physical extensions to a Knight of the Order, as much as their Shade is an extension to their spirit.

Hand of Retribution (Gauntlet, Shield)

How to unlock: Layton gives it to you during Act I, Chapter 3: Point of No Return.

Soulstice - Hand of Retribution

A weapon that balances offense and defense. The Hand of Retribution can break the guard of most enemies and push them back, but it can also repel incoming blows and initiate a Combo.

The Hand of Retribution is no simple gauntlet meant for hand-to-hand combat. Forged by the weaponsmiths of the Order as a tool to bring down heavily armored foes, it also has an invaluable defensive ability. Its shield is operated by a complex clockwork mechanism, which makes it possible to absorb even the mightiest blow.

As a result, Chimeras have a wide array of tactical solutions at their disposal with this weapon, and they can be even more responsive and unpredictable in battle.

Hallowed Hunter (Bow)

How to unlock: Layton gives it to you during Act II, Chapter 7: Lights and Shadows.

Soulstice - Hallowed Hunter

A ranged weapon that proves particularly useful against airborne enemies. However, it is rather weak against shields and barriers.

An Ashen Knight usually engages an enemy in melee combat, while their Shade tends to focus on long-range attacks. Some Knights, however, prefer to control the battlefield from a distance, making the Hallowed Hunter their weapon of choice.

Equipped with this finely crafted composite bow, a Chimera can nimbly evade enemy attacks and make precise strikes. Should they ever face a group of flying enemies, the Hallowed Hunter will certainly prove a precious addition to their arsenal.

Tearing Penance (Whip)

How to unlock: Layton gives it to you at the beginning of Act II, Chapter 9: Underworld.

Soulstice - Tearing Penance

A light weapon that can reach and hit many enemies at once. Useful for crowd control and mobility, but poorly effective against sturdy opponents.

The Tearing Penance is an evolution of an ancient flagellation whip whose use was widespread in ancient Keidas in ages past. That was a time when the attacks from the Spawn of Chaos were unusually frequent, and the common folk panicked everywhere. Countless confraternities of penitents crowded the streers, seeking redemption in the eyes of the Keepers.

Eventually, one of those zealous penitents came to be the Grand Master of the Order of the Ashen Blade. Shortly after receiving his designation, he commissioned the creation of a new holy weapon, one that could help a Chimera confront a great number of foes all at once.

Forged in an alloy of steel and quicksilver, the links of the Tearing Penance rend through flesh with ease, turning the divine vision of the Keepers into a painful, bloody reality.

Merciful Blades (Daggers)

How to unlock: Layton gives them to you in Act III, Chapter 13: Frozen Silence.

Soulstice - Merciful Blades

These daggers are lethal when focusing against a single target. They are not so efficient in a crowded fight.

Chimeras are able to combine immense strength and uncanny agility. This is evident when watching them fight in almost any situation, but it becomes especially clear when the Merciful Blades are at hand.

These wrist-mounted daggers are always used in pairs. It is said that the inspiration for their shape and use comes from some exotic weaponry that made it to Keidas centuries ago, thanks to caravans and wandering merchants.

The Merciful Blades can be employed to unleash a flurry of jabs and lunging strikes. True to their name, they allow a Chimera to make short work of any foe, quickly and precisely.

Fiery Zealots (Tonfas, Cannons)

How to unlock: Layton gives them to you in Act IV, Chapter 17: Revelations.

Soulstice - Fiery Zealots

A twofold weapon that can deliver quick blows to stout foes in melee combat. It can also unleash mid range explosive attacks, which will harm lightly armored enemies and throw them away.

The Order of the Ashen Blade takes pride in its millenary tradition of warfare, but it won’t be bound by the old ways. No stone is left unturned in the annihilation of chaos, and the Fiery Zealots represent the cutting edge in modern weapon invention and manufacturing.

The mysterious “black powder” has already been put to good use on a much larger scale, with hulking bombards proving decisive in sieges and field battles all around the world. Taking advantage of such deadly explosions in hand-to-hand combat, however, could be a breakthrough in the Order’s neverending fight against the foes of humanity.

However, only a Chimera can wield such raw power effectively. Moreover, the recoil is so strong that the Fiery Zealots can even be used to propel oneself across a battlefield.

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