We Kill Monsters

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the masterpieces of the gaming medium. In fact, you might say it is a colossus itself, with a massive legacy that people still rant and rave about to this day. But here in 2022, almost two decades after the game’s original 2005 launch, there are still very few games that have managed to get right all the little things that SotC does.

But that could soon change. We Kill Monsters is a labor of love from Glass Revolver, A.K.A. Jacob Williams (though he does have some help on this project).

The game seems to star a gaunt humanoid critter that makes their way through valleys and forests while carrying a bunch of gear on their back. While there are monsters to kill — hence the title — it does seem like the focus is more on camping and exploring the gorgeous environments this game provides. In fact, I’m getting ever-so-slight Death Stranding vibes from this. (I’m still mostly feeling Shadow of the Colossus. Mostly.)

And if this listing on the Family Gaming Database is accurate, We Kill Monsters will let you play cooperatively with up to four players. It sounds like if you choose to play this way, you’ll have to be strategic about which players take part in which activities to ensure there’s plenty of food and shelter to go around.

We don’t know a lot about this game yet, but it definitely has me intrigued. The few snippets of gameplay that have been revealed look absolutely hypnotizing (I especially like the fact that the character seems to be holding a guitar in some shots), and the premise sounds like a compelling one.

You can see some early, early development footage of We Kill Monsters in the super-short video below.

And to keep up to date on the development of this promising title, follow Glass Revolver on Twitter.

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