Gunbrella - Bill's Pills

As I pointed out a while back, Gunbrella is a game that has a pretty hefty amount of items to use and collect. I’ve been tooling around with a demo build of the game (provided by publisher Devolver Digital), and I decided to make a list of all the items I was able to find in the game.

Because I haven’t yet played the full game, I don’t have access to every single item. I hope this list is still of some use to someone somewhere.


Gunbrella - Fruit Stand

These are one-time-use items. Most of them recover health, but some of them do other things too.

  • Bandage – Fully recovers health.
  • Red Apple – Juicy Red Apple. Recovers a bit of health.
  • Golden Apple – Delicious Golden Apple. Recovers health, but…
  • Roasted Garlic – Recovers a bit of health.
  • Bill’s Pill – A pill that heals you slowly over time.
  • Lucky Stars – A pill that improves your fortune.
  • Grilled Rat – Recovers a bit of Health.


Gunbrella - Merchant's Wares

This stuff has no use that I’m aware of aside from getting you cash when you sell it at shops. Well, the one exception is Rat, which can be grilled if you find the right NPC (in the sewers).

  • Cog – A spare machine part.
  • Gorehound Pelt – The skin of a gorehound. Surprisingly tough.
  • Coil – A spare machine part.
  • Motor – A generic motor. Should fetch a good price in town.
  • Rat – A little critter. Not sure what you’d use it for.

Key Items


These are items that you’ll need to progress through certain parts of the game.

  • Gunbrella – A gun with an umbrella attachment. Where did it come from?
  • Doll – A child’s toy… I don’t want to think about that right now.
  • Train Pass – Required to ride the train. Given to me by the Rat Guy.
  • Climbing Boots – These rugged boots allow their wearer to scale walls with ease.
  • Cult-45 Jail Keys – Keys that open the locked jail cells in the Cult-45 hideout.

Ammo Types

Gunbrella - Buckshot

Here’s the ammo you can acquire for the Gunbrella.

  • Buckshot – Standard shotgun ammo for the Gunbrella.
  • Rifle Rounds – Shoots three long-range bullets per round.
  • Grenade – Explodes when thrown.
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