Asterigos - Kavouras, Hard Pinchers

In Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, there’s an optional boss called Kavouras, Hard Pincers. If you can take down this mega-sized crab, you’ll earn the Crabby Patty Trophy/Achievement. So how do you find this boss? Well, let me help you out.

First off, before you do any of these Trinity Challenge boss fights, you need to complete the Event of Trinity. This is a pretty huge story event, so you’re definitely not going to miss it, but it happens really close to the end of the game. Once this event happens, the world will turn from day to night.

Now, fast travel to the Inner City Rampart Conduit in the Black Streets, and follow the path set out in this video:

I don’t have a ton of strategy to share for this one, because I mostly just locked on and tried my best to stay behind the boss as much as possible. It did seem like switching to the Thunder Enchantite improved my damage output a little bit.

Oh, and in one phase, Kavouras will try to eat some eggs to regain health. You’ll notice that it will run over to the wall where the eggs are, and that’s a good time to attempt to interrupt it. In the video above, I just fought through the healing and managed to win in the end.

And there you go. That’s how you defeat Kavouras, Hard Pincers, to get the Crabby Patty Trophy in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars.

If you want to see guides for all ten of the Trinity Challenge fights, I’ve got an index here.

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