Asterigos - Feather Giver Doron

If you’re getting close to the end of Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, you might have noticed that you now have access to several Trinity Challenges, which have you squaring off against optional bosses. One of those challenges is to defeat Feather Giver Doron, which will earn you the Jinx Trophy/Achievement.

So I’m going to help you find the fight, and then give you some very brief pointers for the fight itself.

Now, before you can attempt any of these boss fights, you must first reach the Event of Trinity in the main story. You’ll know you reached that point because you’ll pop a Trophy/Achievement called Gaze Upon the Stars, and you’ll also notice that it’s changed from day to night. If it’s still daytime, you’ll need to progress further in the story before you can start your Trinity Challenges.

Thankfully, this is one of the easier optional bosses to find. If you remember, back when you were at the Guardian Shrine in the early portion of the game, you defeated a miniboss who died but never dissolved into Stardust. Well, that boss is back, folks, as Feather Giver Doron.

If you want to see my fight against this feathered bird thing, you can check out my video. Just note that I screwed up right at the end so the final portion of this fight is a little bit embarrassing.

To get to the fight, just travel to the Guardian Shrine Conduit in Arges Bazaar. Then just exit the building; the fight happens right in front of it.

One strategy I figured out is that there’s a pool of astral fire on one edge of the map, and if you can coax Doron into it, he’ll take damage over time. I also found that the Ice Enchantite seemed to be a decent route for damage, and that equipping fire-defense Trinkets isn’t a bad idea either. I’m a big fan of the Cult Brooch and the Cult Ring (which you’ll already know about if you read my guide to Miltos the Matriarch). Try to stay behind Doran and dodge the fireballs while you whittle away at his health bar.

And that’s how you bring down Feather Giver Doron to earn the Jinx Trophy/Achievement in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars.

If you want to see guides for all ten of the Trinity Challenge fights, I’ve got an index here.

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