Asterigos - Devoter Wassily

In Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, there’s a secret boss called Devoter Wassily. If you beat Wassily, you’ll earn the Miracle Trophy/Achievement. Thankfully, he’s pretty easy to find, but I’m going to walk you through it regardless.

First up, though, you need to make sure you’ve completed the Event of Trinity, which is a super important story event that happens late in the game. One you get that far, the world will be plunged in darkness and it will be nighttime for the rest of the game.

After that, simply teleport to the Prima Boulevard Conduit in Arges Plaza, then follow the route shown in this video:

Wassily will be standing at the bottom of the ramp, but he won’t be aggressive right away.

Now, for some reason, I felt like ice dealt the most damage to Wassily, so you will probably want to switch to your Ice Enchantite before the fight starts.

When you are ready to start the fight, simply talk to him and and choose the text option, “Talk about the choice of faith.” Then choose “Follow the wind.” That will trigger the fight.

Wassily isn’t that hard, but he does have a couple attacks that are absolutely devastating, so you have to watch out for those. The most important thing is to keep his shield down as much as possible. As soon as he puts his shield back up, it’s your job to shatter it as fast as you can.

Wassily will occasionally make a purple ripple form on the ground. When this happens, get out of the way as fast as you can. Additionally, he might put up a forcefield bubble around him. If you step inside that bubble, you will start taking damage. I found the best course of action was to either wait out the bubble or to start chucking knives.

The absolute worst attack, though, is one where he teleports backward multiple times and unleashes a ball of energy every time. You need to dodge these energy balls, because they do a ton of damage. However, this attack is actually kind of rare, and I don’t think he ever pulled it off in the fight shown in my video, but I think he was close to attempting it right at the very end before I dealt the killing blow.

And that’s how you take down Devoter Wassily to earn the Miracle Trophy/Achievement in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars.

If you want to see guides for all ten of the Trinity Challenge fights, I’ve got an index here.

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