Gotham Knights - Batgirl Glider

In Gotham Knights, there is a series of challenges called Knighthood, which allows you to unlock each character’s super-fast traversal abilities. For example, with Barbara Gordon, Knighthood unlocks the ability to use her cape as a glider, allowing you to sail through the skies in a way that almost feels like Arkham City‘s glider system. Almost.

People have been complaining that this is super tedious and difficult, but honestly, you can probably knock each one out in 10 to 15 minutes if you just focus on it. Yes, you do have to complete this over again with each character, but follow my simple guide and it won’t take long at all.

Timed Strike Training

Gotham Knights - Final Strike Training

So, of all these challenges, this is the one that annoys me the most. No, it’s not difficult; it’s just ridiculous that you have to complete training missions with all four characters. If you know how to do a Timed Strike with Babs, you know how to do one with Tim Drake. There’s no reason to have to learn the move over again.

At least this is super easy and fast.

You can only do this while in the Belfry. What you want to do is find the training dummy, which is against a wall (it’s to the left of the spot where you swap characters).

Gotham Knights - Training Dummies

Interact with the training dummies, then go to the Advanced Training option. The Timed Strikes training will show up in this menu. Simply complete that training exercise to clear this step.

One Step Ahead

Gotham Knights - One Step Ahead

The first challenge asks you to stop 10 premeditated crimes. I think this is the part that’s tripping people up, because some folks are just randomly wandering around, hoping for a premeditated crime to just show up. The thing is, you have to trigger them yourself on the previous night, but once you know how to do it, it’s super easy.

Okay, so the first thing you want to do is locate random baddies. Yes, any baddies will do. The fastest way to spot them is to look for crimes in progress. These are represented by white triangles on your map.

Gotham Knights - Crimes

You barely have to even travel far from the Belfry to find crimes; they’re virtually everywhere in Gotham.

Now, you know how some baddies drop crafting materials when you conk them out? Well, some baddies drop “clues,” which are represented by magnifying glass icons.

Gotham Knights - Clues

You usually don’t even have to manually pick them up when you’re using melee attacks; you just knock out a bad guy and hope they drop clues. However, if you take out an enemy with a ranged attack, you will have to walk over to the magnifying glass icons to pick up the clue. Thankfully, the drop rate seems to be ludicrously high — I’m getting clues probably close to 50% of the time. When you collect four clues, a premeditated crime will be triggered.

Here’s the thing, though: The premeditated crime will happen the following night. Basically, you uncovered clues about a crime that was being planned for the next night, so you can prepare to get to the crime scene while the crime is still happening.

Here’s the other thing: You can set up as many premeditated crimes as you want. That’s right, you can get all of your premeditated crimes set up in a single night, then knock them all out the following night. Doing so will take 10 to 15 minutes. It’s super, super fast and easy. If you run out of baddies to pound in one district, just go to another district and pound some more baddies.

Now, go back to the Belfry and rest up. The following night, premeditated crimes will show up in your list of tasks for the night. These will have a red bar over them, and they’ll be sorted by faction.

Gotham Knights - Premeditated Crimes

Now, open up your map and look for the red triangles with exclamation marks in them. That represents the area where the crime is happening.

Gotham Knights - Armed Robbery

You can move the crosshairs over the crime and then select it (by pressing square, if you’re playing on PS5), and the crime will now have an icon over it when you’re in the open world.

The types of crime are kind of random. You might have to beat up waves of enemies. You might have to protect a witness from getting killed. You might have to solve a murder or even raid an enemy lair. Whatever the objective is, just complete that to complete the premeditated crime and earn some XP. Complete 10 of these and you’re done.

Oh, and while you’re completing premeditated crimes, you’ll also be earning clues for the following night, so you can swap characters when you get back to the Belfry and just keep chaining these crime waves.

Against All Odds

Gotham Knights - Against All Odds

The last challenge asks you to defeat three minibosses. This is a lot easier than it sounds; by minibosses, the game really just means any tougher enemy. So, for example, the Bulldozer enemies (the guys with the big shields) count, and you should have no problem beating three of these guys.

In fact, you’ll probably complete Against All Odds as a side effect of completing One Step Ahead.

Claim Knighthood

Gotham Knights - Knighthood Icon

The final thing you need to do is return to the Belfry and claim Knighthood. Basically, when you’re at the Belfry, you’ll see a character icon appear, which should guide you to Bruce’s armor. Interact with the armor to trigger a cutscene that unlocks Knighthood.

At this point, you now have a fourth option in your skill tree, which allows you to unlock Knighthood abilities the same way you unlock all of your other skill tree abilities (by spending Attribute Points).

Gotham Knights - Knighthood Skill Tree

And there you have it. That’s how you earn Knighthood in a matter of minutes. You should have no problem unlocking Knighthood for all four characters in under an hour total.

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