Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

Now that I finally got my hands on Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, I decided to browse through the Trophy list to get a hint at what sort of adventures I’ll be facing in this action RPG. And since I have access to the full list, I figured I’d share them.

Note that I’m listing all the hidden Trophies here as well, so if you don’t want (mild) spoilers, you might want to turn away now. I assure you, these are really just things like boss names and vague references to story events, but I know some people like to jump in with a completely blank slate. So if you don’t mind knowing what lies ahead, then continue on to see the complete list of Trophies for Asterigos: Curse of the Stars.

  • With The Three (Platinum) – Complete all Trophies.
  • Geared Up (Bronze) – Retrieve all weapons.
  • Dream (Gold) – Witness Minerva’s determination.
  • Glory (Gold) – Witness Minerva’s sacrifice.
  • Killer Croc (Bronze) – Defeat Ravenous.
  • Cutthroat (Bronze) – Defeat Baraad.
  • The Last Bel Canto (Bronze) – Defeat Eulalia.
  • Curiosity Killed the Cat (Bronze) – Defeat Garrison.
  • Matyr Fell (Bronze) – Defeat Colossi.
  • At the Corner of the Studio (Bronze) – Progress to the Event of the Laurel Craft.
  • Kindhearted but Twisted (Bronze) – Defeat Andreas.
  • Difficult Position (Bronze) – Defeat Marble.
  • Is that So? (Bronze) – Defeat Avatar of Titan.
  • Free at Last (Bronze) – Defeat the Black Warden.
  • Gaze upon the Stars (Bronze) – Progress to the Event of Trinity.
  • The Goldolive Phantom (Bronze) – Defeat Eumenides.
  • The Light! (Bronze) – Activate the bridge to the Depths.
  • Cockroach (Bronze) – Finish the Loser Noble quest.
  • Homecoming (Bronze) – Finish Bion’s Dogtags quest.
  • Requiem (Bronze) – Finish Otto’s Last Resort quest.
  • M for Mystic (Bronze) – Defeat all Teumess.
  • Firefighters (Bronze) – Defeat all Hellhounds.
  • Licky (Bronze) – Defeat all Mimics.
  • Yarn-playing Bigcat (Bronze) – Gain Starlight’s trust.
  • Trust Me Now? (Bronze) – Defeat Bion in the Final Training.
  • Hardly a Challenge (Silver) – Complete all Trinity Challenges.
  • Grilled Tastes Better (Bronze) – Defeat Miltos.
  • Crabby Patty (Bronze) – Defeat Kavouras.
  • Jinx (Bronze) – Defeat Doron.
  • Never Play with a Body (Bronze) – Defeat Anagnos.
  • Lunacat (Bronze) – Defeat Hiems.
  • Apex Predator (Bronze) – Defeat Soleucus.
  • Miracle (Bronze) – Defeat Wassily.
  • Can Rocks Breathe? (Bronze) – Defeat Breathless.
  • Crazy Experiment (Bronze) – Defeat Asraix.
  • Taming Thunders (Bronze) – Defeat Pallas.
  • Limit-breaking (Silver) – Complete a Round of Game with Level 20 or Lower.
  • Weapon Adept (Bronze) – Upgrade a weapon to max level.
  • Weapon Master (Silver) – Upgrade three weapons to max level.
  • Magic Adept (Bronze) – Upgrade an enhancement to max level.
  • Magic Master (Silver) – Upgrade four enhancements to max level.
  • Skimming (Bronze) – Read 100 Discoveries documents.
  • Bookworm (Silver) – Read 250 Discoveries documents.
  • Inspiration (Bronze) – Collect all scores.
  • Treasure Hunter (Bronze) – Open 50 treasure chests.
  • Treasure Raider (Silver) – Open all treasure chests.
  • Bystander (Silver) – Collect all Echoes.
  • All Roads Lead to Aphes (Silver) – Activate all conduits.
  • Smithy (Silver) – Collect at least 20 craftable trinkets.
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