Hitman 3 - Banana

Today, IO Interactive has revealed the Year 2 October roadmap for Hitman 3, and a lot of it is pretty spooky. However, there’s also an item that no one would have expected, the banana. Yes, you will be able to permanently unlock the banana in Hitman 3.

Now, you might think this is a silly addition, but the banana is actually a super useful item. You can set up traps with it, causing your victim to slip into deadly hazards. It’s a super-sneaky way to get those accident kills.

Now let’s talk about the spooky stuff for a minute. On October 20, the classic Mills Reverie game mode (which was made permanent last October) is getting a new challenge, which allows you to unlock the Sandman Suit. On top of that, there are Halloween-themed Featured Contracts dropping that same day.

Available today (right now, in fact) is Agent 17’s Signature Suit from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (that’s the other Hitman 2, the one from 2002), which you’ll unlock by completing a new challenge in Mendoza.

On top of all this, there are Elusive Targets and a temporarily free map (this time, the Landslide mission on Sapienza).

Hitman 3 - October 2022 Roadmap

Here’s a chronological list of all the tricks and treats on the October roadmap.

October 6

  • Update 3.130
  • Agent 17’s Signature Suit is unlockable

October 7

  • The Politician (Elusive Target on Hawke’s Bay) – Expires October 17

October 13

  • Banana is unlockable
  • Landslide (Sapienza) map is free for all players – Expires October 23

October 20

  • The Sandman Suit is unlockable
  • Halloween-themed Featured Contracts

October 28

  • The Appraiser (Elusive Target on Isle of Sgàil) – Expires November 7

If you want a more detailed guide to unlocks in the Hitman World of Assassination Trilogy, I’ve got one here.

And this month, it looks like IO is back to releasing roadmap videos, which I’ve really missed. It’s always nice getting an update from Community Manager Clemens Koch, whose enthusiasm for the Hitman franchise is downright contagious. You can check out the October roadmap video below.

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