House Party - Doja Cat

If you’ve purchased the Doja Cat Expansion Pack for House Party, then you’ve opened up a bunch of additional Doja Cat-related activities in the game. Of course, all of these activities require you to solve a bunch of puzzles, many of which can seem kind of convoluted.

There’s a point in the game at which Amala (A.K.A. Doja Cat) gets into the party, but then she’ll leave again. If you haven’t made it this far yet, here are a couple guides to get you up to speed:

Okay, so once you’ve revealed the identity of Dinolicious, Amala will give you her mp3 player and then leave the party. Your job is to get her to come back.

Thankfully, there are just two things you need to do, and both of them are pretty easy.

Repair the Dinolicious costume.

House Party - Dinolicious

After Amala leaves the party, Derek should approach and give you the Dinolicious costume back. He’ll ask that you clean and repair it.

The first step is probably obvious, but you need to walk up to the laundry room, then interact with the washing machine. Put the Dinolicious suit in it, then wait for a little while. Once it’s done, you’ll need to interact with the washing machine again to get the suit back (the option you need to click is “Open” for some reason), then interact with the dryer to begin drying the suit.

House Party - Laundry Room

Once it’s clean, you just need to repair it. For that, you’ll need some duct tape, which is located in the study (the room with the bunk bed).

House Party - Duct Tape

The duct tape is just sitting there on the desk. Grab that, then get the Dinolicious suit out of the dryer (if you haven’t already). Go into your inventory and use the duct tape on the Dinolicious suit. Now it’s all clean and repaired. Return to Derek and give him the suit. This will complete the opportunity The Tyrannosaurus Wreck.

Play Doja Cat’s music in the backyard.

House Party - Media Dock

Before she left, Amala should have given you an mp3 player. Now you have to go into the living room and interact with the media dock that’s sitting below the TV. Use the item Doja Cat’s mp3 player to change the tunes to Doja Cat originals.

Now you need to make sure Doja Cat can hear it. For this, you’ll need the broom, which you can find in the closet of the art room.

House Party - Broom

You’ll also need to grab one of the speakers from the living room. Make sure you grab the one to the right of the fireplace (people will get mad if you try to take the one on the left).

House Party - Speaker

Now, go to the area between the hot tub and the fence, and you’ll see a mound of dirt. Use the broom on the mound of dirt, then use the speaker on the broom. This should create a nice little speaker stand. Now, all you have to do is turn on the speaker and you’ll complete Doja Cat’s task.

House Party - Speaker

At this point, you need to leave the backyard for a little bit; as far as I can tell, Doja Cat won’t return if you’re hanging out in the backyard. If you get stuck on this step, go into the house, then go up into the computer room, then look out the window to see if Doja Cat is there yet. It will take a few minutes before Doja Cat shows up, but when she does, you’ll find her on the patio.

What’s next?

House Party - Doja Cat

Now, Doja Cat wants you to help her set the stage for her performance. This is a pretty involved multi-step process, but you can read my full guide for that here.

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