House Party - Doja Cat DLC

House Party now has its first major DLC since the game left Early Access back in July. Well, if you don’t include the super-duper steamy AO-rated DLC, that is…

Anyway, this DLC adds Doja Cat to your game. But like everything else in House Party, there’s a string of prerequisites for getting her to show up. So I’m going to walk you through how to get Doja Cat into your house party.

Buy the Doja Cat DLC

House Party - Doja Cat

I think it probably goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: You need to buy the Doja Cat DLC if you want to do this quest line. Here’s a link to the listing on Steam, in case you need it.

How to meet Doja Cat

House Party - Doja Cat

First up, you have to actually find Amala and talk to her to kick off her storyline. To do that, you must locate a hole in the fence between the patio and the hot tub in the backyard. If you select the suspicious hole, you can choose the options “Inspect” or “Peek Into.” If you choose the “Peek Into” option, you’ll begin talking to Amala.

Here are your dialogue options:

  • I don’t live here.
  • Who the hell are you?
  • Why don’t you kick down the fence?

Choose either “I don’t live here” or “Were you just trying to knock down the fence?” (If you choose “Who the hell are you?” you can still continue, but you’ll lose friendship points with Amala.) She’ll tell you she’s been trying to get Madison’s attention, but not having much luck. So she asks you to help her get into the party. This unlocks the opportunity “Why Why (Can’t I Come to the Party).”

Choose the option “I guess I could do that,” to continue.

House Party - I guess I could do that

Note that if you sit here and listen to Amala talk for a while, you’ll earn the achievement “It Smells Like Roses.”

Also, if you choose “Er, probably not, I’m lucky I haven’t managed to get kicked out yet,” or, if you choose “Why should I help you?” then choose the “Trust a rando fence-lady?” option, you will make Amala angry. If you talk to her again and choose “I’m sick of this already, I’m out,” you will unlock the achievement “Congrats, a Celebrity hates you.” This will fail the whole opportunity and prevent you from getting Doja Cat into the party. You’ll need to restart the game if you wish to do this storyline.

Now, at this point, as long as you haven’t completely failed, you need to talk to Madison again. Note that in the beginning of the game, Madison is usually chilling in either her bedroom or the hot tub (or sometimes she’s just standing in the garage). whatever the case may be, you’ll have to wait a little bit before you can properly converse with her. If you talk to her too early, you will lose friendship points (for a more thorough breakdown of Madison’s conversation choices, see the next section).

One of the options should be “Any particular reason you don’t want to invite your neighbor to the party?” Madison will explain that Amala is annoying and loud. Go back to Amala and deliver the news. For maximum friendship points, you need to choose, in this order:

  • What do you think she said?
  • Fan accounts? (This is where you get your extra friendship points.)
  • She said you were too noisy.

Amala will ask you to find a way for her to get into the party. Choose the option “How am I supposed to convince Madison?” Amala will respond: “You seem like a creative person, what with your… uh… face. There’s more than one way to skin a cat! Um, I mean… forget I said cat.” Now choose: “My face and I will gladly forget everything you just said.”

House Party - Frank

Now, go find Frank (who is in his usual spot guarding the liquor cabinet) and ask him, “Do you know anything about Madison’s new neighbor, Amala?” Frank will mention his creepy obsession with Doja Cat, and basically put the pieces together for you that Amala and Doja Cat are one and the same.

Go back and talk to Amala. Choose the option “Why don’t you just tell her you’re Doja Cat?” She’ll respond, “Damn, you figured it out, huh? I was trying to play it low key, but I guess the cat’s out of the bag. Eyyyyyyyyy haha!” You have three options for responding to this:

  • That pun was purr-fect. (Gain two friendship points.)
  • *Nod awkwardly now that you realize she’s a celebrity* (Neutral.)
  • This night is about to be full of dub cat puns, isn’t it? (Lose two friendship points.)

Now, your options are:

  • My lips are sealed. (Gain two hearts and two friendship points.)
  • No promises, I get a kick out of revealing people’s personal secrets. (Lose two friendship points.)

At this point, you have two different options for letting Amala into the party. You can reveal her secret (that she’s Doja Cat), or you can win over Madison’s trust enough that you can vouch for Amala. I’ll walk you through both options.

Reveal Doja Cat’s identity

House Party - Amala

This is the easier option. You’ll need to pick up the camera (on the desk in Madison’s bedroom — just make sure she’s not in the room when you swipe it) and the SD card (on the desk in the computer room) and use the SD card on the camera.

After responding to Amala, go back and talk to Madison. Say “Regarding your neighbor Amala…” and then “She’s Doja Cat.” Madison won’t believe you at first, so she’ll ask you for evidence. Tell her, “Frank got a tip on the police scanner that Doja Cat is in the area!” That’s not enough evidence, so tell her, “Have you actually gotten a close look at her?”

Go back to Amala, then pull out the camera and snap a photo. Try to get a really good peek through the fence and get as much of her in the photo as possible. If the photo is good enough, you’ll get a notification that says “Yup, that picture looks like a winner.”

Return to Madison and hand her the camera. This will finally convince Madison that Amala is Doja Cat, and she’ll be invited to the party. You just have to go back to tell Amala the good news. Say, “I told Madison who you were. You’re good to come in.” You will lose two friendship points, but Doja Cat will come to the front door of the house.

Vouch for Amala

House Party - Amala

Your other option is to vouch for Amala. Unfortunately, Madison won’t trust you immediately, so you’re going to have to get on her good side first.

So you’ll need to find Madison and introduce yourself. Choose the option “I’m Brittney’s friend. She invited me over to bring her a shirt.” Then choose “Your outfit is fire.” Now, Madison is going to need a little time before you can talk to her again. If you push it, you will lose friendship points right away, so go mingle with the party guests for a bit. Just don’t give Brittney her shirt, because doing so will cause you to miss out on two early friendship points.

When you’ve waited long enough, talk to Madison again and say, “Brittany won’t come out of the study” (for those two friendship points I mentioned earlier). If you’ve met Frank, you can say, “What’s Frank’s problem?” for two more friendship points. Then ask her “Can you tell me where the bathroom is?” She’ll tell you where the master bathroom is, then she’ll ask you to grab her phone.

Go get the phone and give it back to her. Then say, “So is there a reward for returning your phone? I fell like maybe a kiss or something is in order.” She’ll ask you to help her pull a prank on her sister Ashley. Make sure you respond “Hells to the yeah Mads! How do we get started?” and then “Got it!”

Go to the bathroom on the main floor and grab the hand towel from the sink.

Now you need to introduce yourself to Ashley. Choose these options:

  • Ashley! So are you the co-host of this party?
  • You’re Madison’s sister? I never would have guessed. You’re way hotter than she is!
  • What’s the deal with you and Madison anyway?
  • Are you OK? You seem a little distracted.
  • What can I do to help you out with the unfortunate beer “accident?”
  • If it’s any consolidation at all, wet clothes and all, you’re still adorable!

Give Ashley the towel and she’ll say that her clothes still smell like beer. Say, “I could wash them for you!” But Ashley’s onto you. She’ll ask you to go steal Madison’s diary to prove you’re on Ashley’s side. So you’re going to have to do some snooping.

Go upstairs and grab the sheet of paper off the desk in the computer room, and the pencil off the desk in the spare room (the room with the bunkbed in it; the pencil is on the desk beneath the bunkbed). Go to the master bedroom, and locate the book Molecular Gastronomy on the desk (right next to where you pick up the camera).

House Party - Molecular Gastronomy

Use the piece of paper on the Molecular Gastronomy book, then use the pencil to acquire the code for Madison’s safe, which is in the closet of the master bedroom. Inside the safe you’ll find Madison’s diary. Take it. While you’re in the closet, you’ll also want to grab the bottle of laxatives. And this is probably a good time to grab the can of soda from the fridge too, then mix the laxatives into the soda. Also, grab the bathroom key from the garage and make sure all the bathrooms are locked shut (don’t forget the master bathroom).

Find Ashley again, then give her the diary. Then talk to her again and say “I think I’ve earned your trust. Let me help you clean those clothes before they stain.” Poor trusting Ashley should have full friendship and love bars at this point, and she’ll walk you up to the spare room.

Now, make sure you shut the door, then say: “Oh, looks like we’re all alone here. Just give me your dress and I’ll get it in the washing machine.” And then ask her, “Hey are you OK in here? Do you need anything?” She’ll ask for a soda. If Madison is outside, see if you can convince her to come inside, then give Ashley the tampered soda. The resulting chaos will make Madison super happy, and she’ll allow you to vouch for Amala.

Talk to Madison and say:

  • Regarding your mysterious neighbor Amala…
  • I can vouch for her. You should give her a chance.

Now go talk to Amala and she’ll come around to the front door.

The not-so-mean option

House Party - Madison

Of course, if you don’t want to be mean to Ashley, you can go a much friendlier route. Note that this is the route you’ll want to take if you’re going for the best possible ending (it’s possible you can still get the best ending if you pull the prank on Ashley, but I’m not 100% certain. I think this would prevent Ashley from dancing at the video shoot, but I haven’t actually tested it).

Make sure you introduce yourself to all the guests at the party. Madison will come seek you out and ask you about sky animals. Make sure you use the following options:

  • I have so, so many questions.
  • Who taught you about sky animals?
  • What’s your sky animal?
  • I think I hear Brittney calling me. Talk to you later, Madison.

Now, go talk to Ashley and say, “So, about Madison’s sky animal…” Patrick will come and start blabbering, and then Madison will show up and get upset. She’ll run up to her bedroom. She locked herself in the bathroom, so you’ll have to knock on the door.

Now, use these text options:

  • It wasn’t like that, Madison. We were just trying to understand you better.
  • I’m sorry if I’ve upset you, really, but this whole sky animal thing is a bit silly.
  • That’s fine! But you don’t have to go that far to get people to notice and like you.
  • Just be you. People like real you.
  • That’s what all of us are trying to do.

Now you can talk through her other text options. Say:

  • Brittany won’t come out of the study.
  • What’s Frank’s problem?
  • I met your sister Ashley.
  • Can you tell me where the bathroom is?

Go get the phone from the bathroom, then give it to Madison. Then say, “So is there a reward for returning your phone? I fell like maybe a kiss or something is in order.” She’ll ask you to help her pull a prank on her sister Ashley. Make sure you respond “Hells to the yeah Mads! How do we get started?” and then “Got it!”

At this point, you want to start picking up loose bottles of Natty Lite. There’s one near the toilet in the main floor bathroom, one on a shelf in the garage, one under the desk in the computer room, and one way up on the shelf near the bathroom door in the master bedroom. You actually don’t need to do this to get Amala into the party, but giving Madison Natty Lite will make her like you more. But even if you don’t give her any beer, she should be willing to let Amala in once you’ve helped her out in the master bathroom.

Just talk to Madison and say:

  • Regarding your mysterious neighbor Amala…
  • I can vouch for her. You should give her a chance.

Bring the news to Amala and she’ll meet you at the front door.

What’s next?

House Party - Amala

From here, Doja Cat will ask you to help her uncover the indentity of a certain internet star. But for that, you’ll have to check out my full Jur-Ass-Ic Hunt guide.

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