House Party - Doja Cat

In House Party‘s Doja Cat Expansion Pack, there’s a lot of stuff to do. But one of the most challenging activities in this expansion is getting some alone time with Doja Cat herself. So can you actually do that in the game? Well, yes, you can, but it’s complicated.

I will also say that Doja Cat’s romance scene is one of the tamest in the game, and it’s also cut short by… well, you can just see that for yourself.

So how do you unlock this steamy scene? The answer: You have to basically do all of Doja Cat’s tasks perfectly, and get her friendship as high as possible. I’ve already created extensive guides for most of the steps in this process, so I’m not going to walk through the entire process here; I’ll just reference my other guides, and explain the parts that you absolutely can’t miss.

House Party - Doja Cat

First, meet Amala at her spot behind the fence. I have a complete guide to all of the dialogue options here. Now, for getting Doja Cat into the party you absolutely need to choose the route labeled “The not-so-mean option.”

This should get Amala into the party. Before you move onto the second guide, you need to give Amala two bottles of Natty Lite. Not three. Not one. TWO. This gets you some extra friendship points, though she’ll need a little time in between each one.

Once you’ve done that, you can follow the Jur-Ass-Ic Hunt opportunity here.

After that, you need to get Doja Cat back to the party. Here’s the full guide for that.

And lastly, you need to help Doja Cat with her performance. Before you do this, however, there are a few things you should do:

  • Get Stephanie dancing by the hot tub.
  • Give Brittney her shirt and invite her into the back yard.
  • Invite Lety to the party (you can read more about Lety here).
  • Invite Vickie to the party (you can read more about Vickie here).
  • Grab the battery pack from the desk near where Frank sits (more detail in my performance guide).
  • Make sure Patrick is sober (more details in my performance guide).

Once you’ve done all that, simply follow my guide to setting up for the performance here. Make sure you dance during the performance (when you aren’t tending to other things).

In the guides linked above, I maximized your friendship potential with Amala/Doja Cat. As long as you do this 100% correctly, you will get the ever-so-brief romance scene with Doja Cat.

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