House Party - Patrick

In the game House Party, you’ll meet an obnoxious character named Patrick who is the drunkest guy at the party. Even though Frank has been guarding the liquor cabinet, Patrick managed to sneak in some booze and hide it all over the house. On top of that, he has a bottle of Merlot that he keeps on him at all times.

No one really likes this guy. He’s a drunken mess who was only invited to the party because he’s cousins with the game’s two feuding sisters, Ashley and Madison.

But there are a few things that you’ll need Patrick for in House Party, and some of those things require him to be sober (including the finale of the Doja Cat storyline). So I’m going to walk you through the process of sobering up this drunken fool.

Getting Patrick sober requires two things:

  1. You need to get his bottle of Merlot away from him.
  2. You need to make him drink some hot coffee.

I’m going to give you guides for both steps.

How to get Patrick’s Merlot

House Party - Merlot

To get Patrick’s bottle of Merlot, you’re going to need him to get knocked out. While he’s unconscious, his bottle will be lying on the floor next to him. You need to yoink it while you have the chance. However, if Frank sees you take the bottle, he will attack you. So make sure Frank is not in the area before you grab the bottle of wine.

Also, sometimes Patrick is only unconscious for a few seconds, so you’ll have to be super quick.

Now, there are several ways to get Patrick knocked out.

Watch Patrick and Rachael’s fight

House Party - Rachael vs Patrick

Toward the very beginning of the game, Rachael and Patrick are going to get into a fight, and Rachael is going to knock him out. This will happen as soon as the two characters are close enough to each other to trigger the interaction, and it can be triggered as early as the first couple minutes of a new save. However, if both Patrick and Rachel end up in conversations with other characters, you might have to wait a bit.

Get Frank to beat up Patrick

House Party - Frank

Frank hates alcohol, and he will beat up anyone who has any at this party. So you just need to let Frank know what Patrick is up to. So here’s the way to do that, from the very beginning of the game.

Talk to Frank, and choose this dialogue option:

  • I’m completely sober!

Talk to Patrick. He’ll complain about needing some painkillers. Talk to him a second time and choose these options:

  • You should watch out for Frank.
  • How the hell do you even have a bottle of wine with Frank around?

Now, go back to Frank and tattle on Patrick. Choose this dialogue option:

  • Patrick’s got a bottle of wine! He’s been shoving it down his pants to hide it from you!

Frank will run off to find Patrick and knock him out. Note that if you failed to get the wine this way, you can always revisit Frank and choose this option:

  • Patrick called you an ass-licking fart monkey!

This will cause Frank to chase down Patrick and knock him out again. He’ll do this multiple times if you keep selecting this dialogue option.

Also note that this is a semi-decent way to get Frank away from the liquor cabinet temporarily, though if you take too much booze from it, he’ll notice and get suspicious.

Goad Patrick and Rachael into fighting a second time

House Party - Rachael vs Patrick

If the first fight between Rachael and Patrick is already over, you can get the two of them to fight again. Note that this will cause Patrick to hate you, and you might block yourself from any opportunities that require his involvement (he will still help you film Doja Cat if he hates you though).

To make this happen, talk to Rachael, who will apologize for freaking out on Patrick in front of you. Choose:

  • It’s cool, but why’d you get all Jerry Springer on him?

Now, go find Patrick and start a conversation with him. You’ll need to choose these options:

  • So I ran into Rachael and something interesting came up….
  • Brah, her aggro is just here trying to hide her love for you. She said she actually wishes you two could spend more time together…
  • Yeah! She’s probably expecting a hug from you ASAP!

This will cause Patrick to go find Rachael, which will cause her to knock him out again.

How to make Patrick drink coffee

House Party - Cold Coffee

Okay, now that you’ve separated the alcoholic from his alcohol, you’ll have to get him a hot cup of joe. The good news is that there’s a cup sitting right next to Frank; go grab it. The bad news is that it’s cold.

But that’s okay. You can find a tea kettle in the kitchen pantry.

House Party - Kettle

Grab that, then put it on the stove. Now use the coffee cup on the kettle, then turn on the stove. The tea kettle will start whistling when it’s done. Once that happens, use the empty cup on the kettle to fill it back up with coffee.

House Party - Kettle on Stove

Now you (temporarily) have yourself a hot cup of coffee. Go find Patrick and give it to him. He’ll decline at first. Talk to him and choose this dialogue option:

  • I guess I’ll just give this Irish coffee to somebody else then?

This will trick Patrick into drinking the coffee, but you have to manually give it to him again. He’ll drink it and thank you. Then you just have to wait. Patrick should sober up in a few minutes. If you want to see his sobriety level, just talk to him and see what the drunkenness meter has to say.

House Party - Drunk Meter

And that’s how you get Patrick sober in House Party.

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2 months ago

i dont have the (I guess I’ll just give this Irish coffee to somebody else then?) option

2 months ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

i have tried it but it doesnt work

2 months ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

but im on his shitlist

2 months ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

i have already startet over and its still the same

1 month ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen


1 month ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

I finally fixed it!

18 days ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

I had the same issue just fixed it by giving him back his wine then having Frank punch him out and taking the wine back.

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