House Party - Doja Cat

If you’re getting pretty deep into the Doja Cat Expansion Pack for House Party, you’ve probably been asked to do a whole bunch of stuff to help Doja Cat prepare for her big performance. If you’re not this far yet, check out my previous guides to get caught up:

Okay, so now that Doja Cat is back at the party, you’ll need to talk to her again. She’s going to ask you for a pretty big favor. Here are your response options:

  • I’m great at completing menial tasks!
  • I really hope there’s a walkthrough online for this.

You can choose either option. I don’t think it matters. But I’ll just say that if you do use the second response, know that I’ve got you covered on that front. Don’t believe me? Keep on reading, my friend!

House Party - Doja Cat

Okay, so now Doja Cat is going to have a list of dialogue options, and you’re going to have to go through all of them.

  • Let’s talk about the stage.
  • What’s this about a line feed?
  • Tell me about security.
  • What’s the deal with these cameras?

Once you cycle through all four of these options, you can respond in one of these two ways:

  • No sweat, I’ll let you know when I get this handled.
  • This sounds like a lot of work, but I’ll do it.

It doesn’t seem like it matters which of these options you choose. After you’ve finished this dialogue, you can talk to Doja Cat again and select this option:

  • Just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure to work with you!

This isn’t necessary, but it will get you two friendship points and two hearts with Doja Cat. Also, know that if you talk to Doja Cat too many times to ask her to remind you what her tasks were, you will start losing friendship points with her.

Need to Know (How to Build a Stage)

House Party - Plexiglass

Doja Cat needs a stage, so you need to build one. There’s an easy solution: Just put a cover over the hot tub and you’re good to go. What sort of cover? Well, you can find a sheet of plexiglass in the garage, right next to the beer pong table.

Return to the hot tub, put the cover over it, then talk to Doja Cat. This completes the opportunity “Need to Know (How to Build a Stage).”

House Party - Hot Tub Cover

As an alternate solution, there’s a cover leaning against the fence (shown above). To find it, locate the yard flamingos and stand next to them. Then spin until you can see the “Welcome to Pinecone Valley” billboard. Walk toward it until you reach the fence, and the hot tub cover should be right there. It can be a little difficult to see, because it’s in a pretty dark area and it’s roughly the same color as the fence, but it’s also really large. If you use this as a cover instead of the plexiglass, Doja Cat will fall into the pool and the performance will be ruined. For this, you’ll earn the achievement “Hungry Hungry Hot Tubs.”

White Rose’s Protégé

House Party - Katherine Hacking

Next up, you have to hijack a digital billboard so Doja Cat can broadcast the performance to the neighborhood. Go to where Doja is meditating and pick up the drone next to her. Now go talk to Katherine.

Note that you have to be on pretty friendly terms with her before she’ll agree to help you, but if you two are tight, you can choose following dialogue option:

  • You seem pretty good with technology. Think you can hack a billboard?

Then select:

  • Any chance you can fly a drone?

Now give Katherine the drone, and she’ll get to work. Report back to Doja Cat to complete the opportunity “White Rose’s Protégé.”

Secure the Perimeter

House Party - Wood

For this one, you’re going to want to grab the wood planks (shown above), which you can find stacked up by the house, pretty close to where you found the hot tub cover. You’ll also want to grab the box of nails (shown below), which is on a counter in the garage (right next to where you pick up the cell phone jammer).

House Party - Box of Nails

And as long as you’re in the garage, grab the hammer off the shelf (to the right of where you find the nails).

House Party - Hammer

Now, go talk to Frank and use this dialogue option:

  • So I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’d be interested in heading up Doja Cat’s security.

He’s going to start getting excited, and you’ll have these two dialogue options:

  • Your talents are certainly unique.
  • Just think of all the skills you can smash if people are trying to break into the house.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose. Once you’re done with this dialogue, give Frank the hammer, wood planks, and box of nails. Then report back to Doja Cat to complete the opportunity “Secure the Perimeter.”

The Camera Crew

House Party - Patrick

First, pick up the camera next to where Doja Cat is meditating. Now you have to get Patrick sober, otherwise he’ll completely ruin the video. This is kind of a complicated process, so I decided to just create a separate guide for that. You can read that here.

Once you’ve sobered Patrick up, talk to him again and choose the dialogue option:

  • Any chance you would be interested in being a cameraman for Doja Cat’s show?

Then give Patrick the camera and report back to Doja Cat. This will complete the opportunity “The Camera Crew.”

One cool detail about this is that once you give the camera to Patrick and the drone to Katherine, you’ll be able to see whatever Patrick films on a billboard behind the house.

How to kick off the dance video

House Party - Dinolicious Danceapalooza

There are a few more things you’ll want to do.

  • Talk to Stephanie to make sure she goes to the backyard.
  • Follow Brittney’s opportunities far enough that you can get her to the backyard.
  • Grab the battery pack from the desk near where Frank sits.
  • Not sure this is necessary, but you might also want to get Vickie and Letty at the party.
House Party - Battery Pack

Once you’ve done all this, go back to Doja Cat and choose this dialogue option:

  • We’re ready for Doja’s Dope-Ass Dinolicious Danceapalooza.

She’ll tell you she’s not done with you yet. Your dialogue options are:

  • You got it, what do you need?
  • Of course, princess. What do you need?

Both options will progress the dialogue, but if you choose the second option, you will lose friendship points with Doja Cat.

Now, she’ll walk you through a few last-minute items. If you tell her “I’m Ready,” you’ll trigger the dance scene.

How to micromanage the performance

House Party - Dinolicious Danceapalooza

You still need to make sure the performance goes smoothly, and that requires you to micromanage several things at once. Plus, you want to make sure your character is dancing whenever you’re not taking care of the tasks below.

  • First, even though Patrick is sober, he gets distracted super easily, so you’ll have to follow him around to keep him on track.
  • Second, Katherine might need your help finding batteries for the drone. If you can’t find any, the drone will crash.
  • Third, Frank will need help holding back the crowd. Simply find Frank and use nails on the boarded-up windows to reinforce them.
  • Fourth, Patrick will wander into the kitchen and need to be redirected again.

If you’ve done everything correctly, Doja Cat will be really happy and you’ll earn the “Doja’s Dope-Ass Dinolicious Danceapalooza” achievement. If you messed something up, she’ll express disappointment.

And that concludes Doja Cat’s storyline in House Party!

Or does it…

If you followed my walkthroughs to the letter and still missed out on the best ending, try this guide to see if it helps you at all.

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