House Party - Amala

The Doja Cat Expansion Pack for House Party added a bunch of new content to the already bustling social sim, including the addition of Doja Cat as a character who can show up at the party. Getting her through the front door is a challenge in and of itself, but I’ve already created a pretty robust guide on how to do that. You can check out that guide to learn three different ways to get Doja Cat (A.K.A. Amala) into the party.

Once she’s in, you’ll want to meet her at the front door and talk to her. She’ll tell you that she’s trying to uncover the secret identity of an internet sensation called Dinolicious, who dances in a dinosaur costume. Agree to help her to kick off the detective work. This begins the opportunity Jur-Ass-Ic Hunt.

Note that instead of doing this opportunity, you can keep giving Amala alcohol until she gets super drunk and forgets about the “mission.” This will earn you the “That’s a nice bush!” achievement, but it will prevent you from getting any further in Doja Cat’s story.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to earn the best possible ending, you want to give Amala two bottles of Natty Lite, which will increase her friendship with you (giving her a third bottle, however, will end the storyline early).

Now, if you do want to stay on task instead of getting Doja schwasted, go upstairs and search the closet of the computer room (the room where Brittney hides in the beginning of the female protagonist’s storyline). On the floor in the closet you’ll find an item called Weird Dinosaur Suit.

House Party - Weird Dinosaur Suit

Grab the suit, then find Amala and give it to her. Now, she’ll come up with a plan to watch the dance floor and try to spot Dinolicious by their dance moves. So your goal is to get people into the living room to dance. You can generally talk to people and ask them if they want to hang out somewhere, then choose a list of locations. You want to pick the living room, or by the speaker, or any option about dancing.

If you just want to reveal Dinolicious right away, their secret identity is Derek (which should be pretty obvious, actually, if you’ve played through most of the character stories in House Party).

So, talk to Derek, and use these options:

  • You’re looking kind of bored. Let’s go somewhere else, huh?
  • Music’s bumpin’, let’s go check it out.

This will send Derek into the living room, where he’ll start dancing and catch Amala’s eye.

House Party - Doja Cat and Derek

Amala will confront him, and he’ll act all cagey about it, then he’ll run away. There are a couple different places he might go, but generally, he’s going to jump onto the roof. You need to follow him, and if he is indeed up on the roof, you’ll need to climb a gutter that runs up the support beam to reach him.

House Party - Gutter

Note that you can actually see Derek outside the art room window, but you’re unable to interact with him from inside the house.

One you talk to Derek, he’ll ask you why you think he wears the dinosaur costume. You have three possible responses:

  • Because it’s hilarious.
  • Because you like dinosaurs.
  • Because you are self-conscious when you twerk so you wear the dinosaur costume to create a barrier between yourself and the audience.

All three responses will continue the story, but the third one will add two friendship points with Derek. Once you complete this dialogue, Amala will show up and convince Derek to dance with her. This concludes the Jur-Ass-Ic Hunt opportunity.

Now, talk to Amala to get her mp3 player to set up the next sequence of events…

What’s next?

House Party - Doja Cat

Now Amala will leave the party, and there are a couple things you’ll need to do if you want her to come back. Continue to my next guide if you want help in the next leg of the journey.

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