Infernax - The Stranger

Oh, how I love Infernax. This Metroidvania-style platformer can best be described as “What Dark Souls would have been had it come out in 1987,” and it launched in February as the first truly great game of 2022. It’s an incredibly rich game, with tons of secrets and alternate endings to discover — I’ve played through the game more than ten times now, and there are still a couple secrets that I’m aware of that still elude me.

To celebrate the Halloween season, Infernax is getting yet another secret. Well, I guess it’s not really a secret, as there is a press release about it. But the game is getting yet another playable character. The Stranger is a hockey-mask-wearing, shotgun-wielding badass who trudges through Infernax‘s grimdark world with a swagger and a high-powered weapon that will turn demonic enemies into blotches of pixelated red goo.

Infernax - The Stranger

The character arrives on October 25, 2022, and once the update installs, you can start a fresh save and name your character “Stranger” to get access.

The Stranger clearly draws from some classics of the horror genre, so he’s the perfect addition to the game in the spookiest of all seasons. (Plus, if you want to learn more about the horror inspirations for Infernax, check out our interview with the devs at Berzerk Studios.)

You can see the character in action by checking out the oh-so-brief teaser for the Stanger below.

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Real game liker
Real game liker
1 year ago

What about this game is like Dark Souls at all? When will games journalists stop tripping over themselves to bring yo Dark Souls?

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