Silent Hill 2

I never played much Silent Hill during the series’ heyday. I was always more of a Resident Evil fan, and as we all know, it was one or the other, but never both. I did play a little Silent Hill 4, but I struggled to figure out how to actively progress the story when stuck in the apartment levels, and I recall not liking the combat of the more traditional levels either.

I did really enjoy Silent Hill: Origins on the PSP. Boy, I would love to see a remaster of that game for modern consoles. Konami, do that.

So even though a remaster of Origins isn’t on offer, Konami did recently announce a bevy of other Silent Hill content, namely a remake of Silent Hill 2 and two newer titles, in addition to whatever the hell the Silent Hill streaming experience will be. The remake was announced for PC and PS5 so far, so don’t count on a Game Pass presence — unless that changes as we get closer to release, whenever that release date might be.

I hope the new games will deliver a fresh take on the IP and hopefully reinvigorate what should be a money-printing series. It’s hard to tell what the quality of these titles will be at this point, but the Silent Hill 2 remake looks solid, so hopefully Konami is finally ready to get its head out of its ass and back into the game.

Konami also announced a reboot of the film series by way of a sequel to the first film that I guess negates the original sequel. I’m getting Halloween flashbacks for that last bit of news. I am kind of looking forward to seeing this new attempt to translate the material to the big screen. Considering the most recent Resident Evil movie was painful to sit through, I hope that will be lesson for the Silent Hill filmmakers to put forth even the slightest modicum of effort and not insult the intelligence of their audience. I mean, this isn’t rocket science — making these movies should be no-brainers, not brain-cell killers.

Anyway, you can see for yourself how the Silent Hill 2 remake looks by checking out the trailer below, if you haven’t already.

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