Marauders - Boom Relay

If you’re playing Marauders, then you definitely want to be checking in with your daily contracts. Every 24 hours, a fresh batch of five contracts shows up, and you can manually select which ones you want to be active (you can have three active contracts at a time).

If you’re not sure where to find these contracts, check the Contracts tab in your menu in between runs. That sounds obvious, but there are a lot of people who don’t figure out that this tab even exists until they’re several hours deep into the game.

Anyway, one of the contracts that might show up is called Boom Relay, and it asks you to destroy a radar tower. That seems easy enough, but I’ve noticed that people are struggling with it. In fact, I was struggling with it myself for a bit.

So now that I’ve figured it out, I’m going to share my solution to help my fellow Marauders. Just don’t shoot me the next time you see me rummaging around a derelict space station. Deal?

Okay, so you’ll find the radar towers in question during the space phase of your run, and they look like this:

Marauders - Radar Tower

Look closely and you’ll see the rotating radar dish on top of the tower.

The reason this is confusing for a lot of people is there are similar-looking towers floating in space that have turrets mounted on them, which can also be destroyed. In fact, the turrets are easier to spot, due to the fact that they’ll start shooting at you when you get close. The radars just sort of spin harmlessly, so you might zip by one without even seeing it. If you shoot a turret, it will not count for the Boom Relay contract; you need to destroy a radar.

It can take a little while to locate one of these radar towers. In fact, it might take you multiple runs before one shows up. The best thing to do is to just scope out areas that are kind of hidden away behind asteroids.

Marauders - Radar Tower

The other problem is that there are other players scoping out these same areas, and you might not find a radar tower until after it’s been shot up by someone else. But if you don’t find one right away, just have some patience and try again. Eventually, you should stumble upon a radar tower to complete your contract.

And that’s how you destroy a radar tower to claim the Boom Relay contract in Marauders.

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