In Marauders, a lot of early-game crafting items require a resource called Junk Scrap. Some examples of recipes that use Junk Scrap as an ingredient include the Bowie Knife, the Sack Bag, the Pirate Helmet, and the VZ-Klobb.

You might have tried unsuccessfully to find this resource in raids, assuming that maybe your luck was just super bad (or super good, depending on your perspective). But here’s the thing: You actually can’t get it this way at all.

So how do you get Junk Scrap? Well, it’s actually pretty easy. You just need to go to your Crafting menu and scrap an item. Most scrappable items have a chance of producing Junk Scrap, which is generally considered to be a worthless byproduct of scrapping.

Marauders - Scrap

Now, here’s the thing: You can’t scrap everything. The items you can scrap are generally things like weapons, armor, and backpacks. When you drop an item into the Scrap section, you will see percentages of how much of a chance that item will produce a certain byproduct.

As you level up, later crafting recipes aren’t going to use Junk Scrap at all, so Junk Scrap scarcity is only going to affect the early part of your Marauders experience. For example, once you’re able to craft the Light Bag, you’ll never need to craft a Sack Bag ever again.

Also, I should point out that there seems to be a bug where Junk Scrap disappears from your inventory when you go off on raids. So make sure you don’t hoard your Junk Scrap, because you might lose all of it.

And that’s basically everything you need to know about Junk Scrap in Marauders.

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