Red Dead Online - Halloween

I think it’s pretty safe to say that when it comes to Red Dead Online, Rockstar Games is phoning it in at this point. I don’t say that lightly; I myself am a player with over 1,000 hours invested in this online Wild West sim (which was my most-played game of 2020 by a long shot). But when there hasn’t been a substantial update in over a year, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the live-service aspect of the game has officially died.

But Rockstar is still going to attempt to revive this tired old dog for at least one more spooky season. Until October 31, 2022, the Halloween Pass 2 will be live in Red Dead Online. Anyone who started this content last year will be able to pick it back up exactly where they left off. And if you want a refresher on what’s in that pass, you can see my full breakdown here.

Since I never finished last year’s pass, I guess I’ll take it, but this does signify another lost opportunity for Rockstar to prove that they still care about this aging game.

Red Dead Online - Halloween

On top of the return of the Halloween Pass 2, there’s a new Telegram Mission to celebrate the spookiest of all seasons. False Hopes & Prophecy has you answer the call of Ike Skelding, who discovered an old cult attempting a ritual to awaken the dead.

Look, I know what you’re thinking. This seems like it could be setting up Undead Nightmare 2. However, I definitely don’t think Rockstar has any plans to actually do that (even though it’s almost certainly the most-requested addition for Red Dead Redemption 2).

Further, there will be All Hallows-themed Call to Arms maps, as well as the return of two Halloween-themed Featured Series: Fear of the Dark and Dead of Night. I do remember enjoying Dead of Night quite a bit, even though a lot of players just used it as an AFK gold farm.

Red Dead Online - Halloween

If you want more details about the season’s festivities, head over to Rockstar’s official Newswire post.

Maybe I’ll see you out on the dusty, bloody, spooky trail… Or maybe not…

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James Morrison
James Morrison
8 months ago

I just logged in to RDR2 online first time in months I have the Halloween pass 2 and all the stuff is this a bug?

James Morrison
James Morrison
8 months ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

I bought all of them so yeah I should have got it free BUT I have all the levels to all the stuff is ticked even though I didn’t earn any XP.

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