Steam has a wonderful habit of offering games — or, in this case a game demo — that completely fly under my radar, only for me to finally discover them when the universe deems the time is right. And let me tell you, DriveCrazy feels like one of those fabled, serendipitous discoveries.

The basic premise for DriveCrazy, a game developed and published by TubezGames, is summed up perfectly by the synopsis on its Steam page:

Driving a Kei Truck Through a Collapsing Japan! If you think it’s a road, it’s a road. Run inside buildings, walls, any road and survive!

“But why is Japan collapsing?” you might be asking. Because of alien invasions, giant bears, possible lava spills and eruptions, and missiles that are homing in on you. Come on, ain’t it obvious?

There is no current release date for the full title outside of the blanketed 2023, and as far as I can tell there isn’t even a YouTube channel for TubezGames. But there is a channel dedicated to DriveCrazy specifically, so there’s that.

I am pretty excited to kick DriveCrazy‘s tires, especially if I can get the demo to work on my Steam Deck (in the case of demoes, the Steam Deck can be pretty hit or miss). In any event, who doesn’t like driving on the sides of buildings, flip-flopping between sides of the block, or driving clear through an office building, only to car-headbutt a giant bear?

You can check out the trailer for DriveCrazy below.

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