Frozen Flame - Planter

In Frozen Flame, there is an item called Solid Essence, which is used in crafting and repairing. There’s also a particular quest that asks you to sacrifice one of these. So where do you find Solid Essence in Frozen Flame? Believe it or not, you can grow it yourself.

Before you can do this, though, you’re going to need to build a planter. You do this by opening up your Craft menu and selecting the planter, then placing it in your desired location. The ingredients you need are:

  • Log x4
  • Fiber x4

Weirdly enough, planters work similarly to the workbench, in that you’ll interact with the planter, then select the item you want to grow. But similar to cooking on the bonfire, whatever you grow requires some time before you can harvest it.

The recipe for Solid Essence is:

  • Magic Seed
  • Flint x3

One of the tutorial quests teaches you how to mine flint, but in case you’ve forgotten, you mine it from nodes that look like this:

Frozen Flame - Flint Location

Magic seeds are also pretty easy to come by. You can harvest them directly from plants that look like this:

Frozen Flame - Magic Flower

However, those plants are a lot rarer than those obnoxious glowing blossom things that are pretty much everywhere. You can also harvest magic seeds from those things. In case you’re not sure what I’m referring to, they look like this:

Frozen Flame - Magic Blossoms

They glow blue during the day, and pink at night. No matter when you kill them, though, they commonly drop Magic Seeds. Just make sure you loot them once they’re dead.

Once you have the necessary ingredients, you can craft your Solid Essence and let it grow. It should take about a minute and a half to ripen. Once it’s ready, just interact with the planter again to harvest your Solid Essence.

And that’s how you grow your own Solid Essence in Frozen Flame.

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