Gotham Knights - Heroic Assault

With Gotham Knight‘s Update 2.000 comes two new game modes, Showdown and the four-player Heroic Assault, which offers 30 floors of baddie-bashing badness. If you’re interested in Showdowns, you can check out my guide to that mode here, but for this guide, I’m going to focus on Heroic Assault.

You can access Heroic Assault from the main menu, but you must unlock it first. So how do you unlock Heroic Assault mode in Gotham Knights? Don’t worry, fellow Gothamite, I’ve got your back!

Once Update 2.000 installs, you’ll notice that you’ve got some new emails from Diana Prince.

Gotham Knights - Diana Prince Email

Basically, they tell you that Starro has appeared in Gotham, and that you must stop it. You really don’t need to read the emails to progress, but they’re there to fill you in on the details in case you want to know the hows and whys of all this.

Now, go out on patrol, and you’ll see a new marker in the very top corner of the map.

Gotham Knights - Heroic Assault

Go to that location. You’re looking for a radar dish that’s tucked away in the woods, which is sitting atop a shed. When you approach the shed, a notification should pop up letting you know about Heroic Assault.

Gotham Knights - Heroic Assault

When you go inside the shed, you’ll see some more notifications that tell you how to get started. Basically, you want to navigate over to the marked computer terminal and interact with it.

Gotham Knights - Heroic Assault

This brings up a menu of all 30 floors, though your first time here, only the first one is unlocked. You’ll have to go through them one by one to unlock the others.

Note that you can actually do this solo; you don’t need to have a group if you don’t want to. However, Heroic Assault does support four-player co-op.

Once you’ve selected a floor from the menu, you can get into the elevator to begin your first descent. You’ll need to fight several waves of enemies to progress. This first floor is balanced around level 25, so if you’ve done New Game + and you’re at the true level cap (of 40), these fights are going to be absurdly easy.

Once you’ve cleared several waves of enemies, you’ll need to activate a terminal, which you’ll have to guard for a few more waves. Once that’s done, you can head to the elevator and complete the first floor. This will return you to the hub terminal.

From this point on, Heroic Assault should be unlocked in your menu. You can now access it directly from the menu, or you can continue to manually travel there if you like.

And that’s how you unlock Heroic Assault in Gotham Knights.

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