Gotham Knights - Showdowns

With the 2.000 Update for Gotham Knights, two new modes were added to the game: Heroic Assault and Showdowns. You’ll have to do a little busywork before you can access either of these modes. If you want to know more about Heroic Assault, I have a complete unlock guide for that here.

But this guide is specifically about unlocking Showdowns.

Okay, so at launch, there are five Showdowns, and you have to reach a certain story milestone to reach them. The DC Games Support website mentions this, but it doesn’t give specifics. So, here are the specific story chapters you need to complete in order to unlock each Showdown:

  • FR01: Mr. Freeze 1.4 – Gotham City on Ice – unlocks Mr. Freeze Showdown.
  • FR01: Mr. Freeze 1.6 – Breakout at Blackgate – unlocks Mecha Freeze Showdown.
  • HQ01: Harley Quinn 1.4 – Chaos in General – unlocks Harley Quinn Showdown.
  • CF01: Clayface 1.3 – Rumble at the Reservoir – unlocks Clayface Showdown.
  • Main Story 8.2 – The Lazarus Pit – unlocks Talia al Ghul Showdown.

So, one thing that sucks about this is that if you beat these chapters in your first playthrough, then start New Game +, you’ll have to beat them again in New Game + if you want to unlock the Showdowns in that save file. (I suppose you could always go back to your pre-NG+ save file if you still have it.)

Once these Showdowns are unlocked, you can access them from the Belfry, in a little section under the stairs to the right of the Batcycle.

Gotham Knights - Showdowns

Here, you’ll find some shelves with various artifacts on them. You can interact with these artifacts to kick off each Showdown.

Each showdown is basically a tougher version of a particular boss fight. You’ll definitely want to make sure you are at level cap (of 40) and that you pay attention to elemental weaknesses/resistances. Mr. Freeze, for example, is weak to Incendiary and deals Cryo elemental damage, so gear up for that.

You can face each boss solo, or you can team up with a friend for two-player co-op. You cannot, however, play Showdowns in four-player co-op (four-player co-op is exclusive to Heroic Assault at the time of this writing).

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about unlocking Showdowns in Gotham Knight!

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