Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame is now out on Steam in Early Access, and at launch, it has 21 Achievements. You’ll earn these by doing a lot of basic things, like leveling up and crafting a workbench for the first time, but you’ll also get some by beating specific bosses.

Anyway, if you want a full list of Frozen Flame achievements, I’ve got one below.

  • Archimagister – Get the 40th Level.
  • Arrows of Discord – Defeat the Skull Hunter.
  • Chef – Cook a rare dish at the bonfire.
  • Cold Welcome – Defeat the Ice Elemental.
  • Cursed Melody – Find all Bard’s musical instruments.
  • Flames from Above – Defeat the Smoldering Warlock.
  • Floating Islands – Make your way to the Broken Valley.
  • Furious Slaughter – Defeat the Raging Slayer.
  • Guardian – Get the 10th Level.
  • Invincible – Defeat the Ironbound.
  • Home, Sweet Home – Place a workbench.
  • Magister – Get the 30th Level.
  • Mystery – Find the Tablet of the Bard in Prologue.
  • Novice – Get to 5th Level.
  • Oinking Demon – Deal with Bonehead’s debtor.
  • Savior of the Broken Valley – Vanquish all elite enemies in the Broken Valley.
  • Sleepless Giant – Defeat the Titan.
  • Stories of the Cradle – Unlock all the Memorials in Cradle of Keepers.
  • Tales of the Broken Valley – Unlock all the Memorials in the Broken Valley.
  • Unchained – Get out of the Asylum of Faceless.
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1 year ago

So where to find this? Mystery – Find the Tablet of the Bard in Prologue.

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