Soccer Story - Title Screen

Soccer Story is a cute little RPG about playing soccer. But you don’t just play soccer; you do all sorts of other things, like collecting acorns, smashing targets, and even catching a fish or two when the mood strikes. There are also 20 achievements that you can earn in the game.

If you want a complete list of achievements in Soccer Story, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all 20 achievements in the game.

  • Apple Pie – Win the Apple Cup
  • Bell-issimo! – Find a bell!
  • Bone-issimo! – Find a bone!
  • Cuppa – Win the Athletic Zone Cup.
  • Cupped – Win the Soccertown Cup.
  • Cupper – Win the Crab Beach Cup.
  • Cupping – Win the Zen Zone Cup.
  • DIY – Mend all the trophies.
  • Drone chum – Complete both drone tutorials.
  • Go go GPS – Help the goal appreciation society.
  • Going solo – Win a 1v1 match.
  • Hello, old friend – Score your first goal.
  • Sea-ker – Find some seaweed!
  • The ambivalence – Draw a match.
  • The feels – Win a match.
  • The hunted – Help the drone hunter.
  • The lows – Lose a match.
  • Top TAS – Help the target appreciation society.
  • Winning Solo – Become the 1v1 champion.
  • With great power… – Complete the controlled shot tutorial.
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