The Entropy Centre - Fashionista

In The Entropy Centre, there is a Trophy/Achievement called Fashionista, which asks you to “Find Astra a hat.” I only know of one place in the game where you can find a tiny little hat for Astra (though it’s possible that other locations exist). I found the hat in the museum at the beginning of Act 7 (shortly after the place where you earn the Man’s Best Friend Achievement).

As you make your way through the museum, you’ll eventually come to a display of the Earth and the moon, and if you turn 180 degrees from that exhibit, you’ll come to a little gift shop. There are some tiny little hats tucked away on a shelf in the very back of the gift shop.

If you want to see the exact location, check out the video below:

Astra will wear the hat until you die or return to the game menu, at which point, your trusty gun companion will again be hatless.

And that’s how you find a hat for Astra to earn the Fashionista Trophy/Achievement in The Entropy Centre.

Oh, and if you need some assistance solving the game’s puzzle chambers, you can check out my walkthrough starting at Act 6.

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