The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 0801

You’ve done it! You made it to Act 8 of The Entropy Centre. Well, presumably you did if you’re reading this article. And if not, you can follow my previous guides to help you get this far.

Act 8 introduces a new puzzle element, the laser cube (though you might have spotted one of these guys in the museum in Act 7 if you looked closely). So these next two puzzles are here to familiarize you with the concept of laser cubes.

There are a couple emails to read in 0801, as well as a couple more after 0802, so I’ll show you exactly where those are too.

Puzzle 0801 is super easy — you just have to set up the laser cube to open the second door, then move it into place to open the first. Walk through the first door, rewind the cube, and bada-boom. You’re done.

Well, there’s actually one more section where you’ll need to elevate a laser cube and keep it hovering there via the magic of rewind. It’s this section where you’ll find those two emails I mentioned earlier.

Here’s a video so you can see all of it in action:

Puzzle 0802 gives you a little twist on the concept, but it’s also not that difficult. Honestly, I found Puzzle 0703 and Puzzle 0704 to be way harder than this one. Remember that hovering cube trick you used at the end of 0801? Well, you’ll use that again, though this time you’ll need to stand on a bridge to make it all happen.

Here’s a video of the full puzzle:

After this, there’s a section where the room goes into lockdown and you have to align some laser cubes to disable the alarm. As a nice little bonus, I’ll give you a video of that too.

Note that at the end of this segment, there are two emails that you’ll have to veer off the main hall to find. Those are at the very end of the above video.

And that’s how you solve Puzzle 0801 and Puzzle 0802 in The Entropy Centre. If you want to continue this walkthrough, check out my guide for the next two puzzles here.

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