The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 0805

In The Entropy Centre, I found Act 8 to be mostly pretty easy. Mostly. Admittedly, when I hit Puzzle 0805, though, I hit a brick wall. This puzzle is a real doozy.

Thankfully, I was able to work my way through it eventually, so I’m going to share the solution for my fellow Junior Puzzle Operatives. So here’s the solution for Puzzle 0805 in The Entropy Centre.

Before you start the puzzle, though, you might want to read the email on the computer just before the test chamber. You don’t need to do this unless you’re attempting to read all of the emails in the game. In which case, yeah, don’t miss this one.

As for the puzzle itself, the biggest head-scratcher in this entire room is using the springboard, which requires power. You can either send a cube catapulting into the other side of the puzzle, or yourself — but not both. But wait, you actually can.

So the trick is to launch the cube through the air, then rewind it just enough so that it’s blocking a beam that’s way up near the ceiling. When this beam is blocked, it opens a door between the two segregated halves of the puzzle room.

The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 0805

Now you can walk through the door. Super sneaky, right? Well, it gets sneakier.

After this, you’re going to need to use the cube to operate the elevator that lets you reach the laser cube. The laser cube is vital in opening the final door in this puzzle, so you’re going to need it. But first, you’re going to have to do something super weird.

Okay, so you want to take the laser cube back to the start of the puzzle room, then launch it the same way you did the standard cube (block the beam, walk through the door). Then you want to position the standard cube on top of the button pad that raises the bridge to the exit. Now, bring the laser cube back to the start of the puzzle a second time, but this time you’ll want to place it on the pad that powers the springboard.

Launch yourself onto the bridge, then rewind the laser cube backward. If you set all of this up properly, there’s a point in the rewind where the laser cube is over the bridge. Grab it, point it at the receiver to open the final door, and walk out.

And if all that text is super confusing, just check out the video below:

And that’s how you solve Puzzle 0805 in The Entropy Centre to complete Act 8 of the game’s story. If you’re interested in continuing this walkthrough, click here to see my full guide for Puzzle 0901 (including all the lead-up to it).

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