The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 0904

In The Entropy Centre, Act 9 starts off pretty easy (though if you’re struggling, I’ve got guides for Puzzle 0901, as well as Puzzle 0902 and Puzzle 0903). But when you hit Puzzle 0904, you’re probably going to slam on the brakes. This one can be pretty tricky to solve.

This is yet another one of those puzzles where it feels at first like you just don’t have enough cubes to solve it. Two cubes? Really? Well, all you need is one laser cube and one tall cube, and this puzzle is super solvable.

The first thing you’ll need to do is use the tall cube to lift the laser cube up to next level of the puzzle room. You can then use the laser cube to open a back door, which will allow you to bring the tall cube up a level. Then you repeat the process to get up to the third level. At this point, I like to reset the gun’s memory so that the laser cube’s starting point is when it’s pointed at the final panel (that extends the bridge).

Now, drop the laser cube down a level, then position it so that it’s activating the second-level receiver. Now, grab the tall cube and bring it all the way back down to the bottom, where there’s a button panel that unlocks the final door in the test chamber. You shouldn’t need the tall cube anymore, since you can walk up to the second level using that back door (which should be open so long as the laser cube is positioned properly).

Now, you want to rewind the laser cube back up to its position on the third level, which will give you access to the top of the puzzle once again. But now, the bridge should be extended and the final door should be open.

Here’s a video solution for Puzzle 0904:

Puzzle 0905 is another head-scratcher that has a lot of steps to it. But the very first thing you need to do is grab the tall cube and position it under the garage-style door, then rewind it so you can open the door and grab the standard cube. Now that you have the standard cube, you can bring the tall cube onto the elevator to grab the second standard cube.

Once you have the second standard cube, you’re going to follow the moving platform to the end, then use the tall cube to get up to the area near the exit. Now you want to drop the standard cube off the edge so it’s near the starting area, and basically do the whole thing over again with the other cube. This time, though, instead of dropping the cube down to the starting area, place it on one of the button panels, then rewind the other cube back up to this area so you can place it on the other button panel.

Yeah, I tried to be as brief as possible, but my description might still be a little hard to follow. So here’s a video solution for Puzzle 0905:

And that’s how you solve Puzzle 0904 and Puzzle 0905 in The Entropy Centre.

If you need help beyond this, feel free to give my Puzzle 0906 guide a little clicky click.

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