The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 1001

Welcome to Act 10, fellow Junior Puzzle Operative! Now I’m going to walk you through Puzzle 1001 in The Entropy Centre. But before you even reach that test chamber, there’s a pre-1001 puzzle to solve, so I’ll walk you through that one first. (And if you need a little help finishing Act 9, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered there as well.)

This puzzle is really about understanding how to manipulate conveyor belts in The Entropy Centre. You’ve got several moving conveyors and two switches to push. So here’s how to get through this section.

The first thing you need to do is jump onto the conveyor belt and follow it all the way to the end, then jump off the left side of it onto the catwalk. This catwalk will take you up to a room where you’ll find a jump cube, as well as an email (in case you’re trying to collect all 76 of the intel emails). Follow the catwalk (while holding the jump cube) all the way back to the spot above where you jumped off the conveyor belt. Stop the conveyor (by rewinding it), then drop the jump cube down below. Use the jump cube to bounce to the next section of catwalk.

Here, you’re going to want to take a left turn, because one of your switches is in a little room that’s tucked off to the side. Once you’ve activated the switch, come back down and reverse the conveyor belt even further to move the jump cube to the next section of catwalk. This will allow you to bounce to the other switch.

Once you’ve activated both switches, you can make your way through the door, then follow the conveyor belts backward into the next room (you’ll want to rewind all of them). If you want to, you can bring the jump cube through and then use it to cheese the last section of this puzzle. For the sake of my video, I didn’t do this, though. I walked through the way you’re supposed to solve it so you can see that in action. Basically, you need to carefully rewind a bunch of conveyors to move a standard cube all the way down to the exit. Once the cube is near the exit, you can place it on the button panel and complete the puzzle.

Here’s a video of me solving the conveyor puzzles:

Now we enter the real Puzzle 1001, which is actually super easy — especially when compared with what you just did. All you really have to do is grab the jump cube, place it on the switch, then pause the conveyor belt. Bring the jump cube across the conveyor belt, use it to bounce up to the exit, then rewind the jump cube back to it’s place on the button. Badda-boom.

You can see all this in action in the video below:

That’s how you solve Puzzle 1001 in The Entropy Centre.

If you’re looking to continue this walkthrough journey, click here to see my guide to Puzzle 1002 and Puzzle 1003.

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