The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 1004

When you get to Act 10 in The Entropy Centre, things really start to escalate. Puzzle 1004 and Puzzle 1005 were two that I admittedly struggled with quite a bit. But now that I’ve solved them, I’m replaying the game and making walkthroughs for each puzzle (starting with 0601).

So let’s take a look at Puzzle 1004. You’re going to really have to do some forward/backward thinking to ger through this one.

First, you want to grab the standard cube in the middle of the room. Bring it up the stairs (toward the beginning of the room) and stick the cube through the small hole in the wall (see the video for the exact location). But don’t drop it, just stick it through the hole and pull it back. Set the cube down, then walk over to the nearby button pad. Standing on it will activate the conveyor belt.

Once the conveyor is active, rewind the cube so that it’s on the conveyor belt. There are two beams of light pointed at the conveyor; let the cube move past both of them, then rewind the conveyor to bring the cube back to the start of the conveyor. Now, when you move off the button pad and the conveyor drops, the cube will still hover in place wherever you rewind it to. That means you can now make the cube move as if it’s on the conveyor belt, even when the conveyor belt isn’t there.

Rewind the cube until it’s blocking the first light beam — this will open a door on the opposite side of the room. Go through that door, then rewind the cube to block the second beam so that the elevator moves down. Stand on the elevator, then let the cube drop. The elevator will bring you upward to the next section of the room. This gives you access to a jump cube.

At this point, you can reverse the initial cube if you want to exit out the door, but you can also jump over the wall down into the central area of the room (where you picked up the first standard cube). I do this at the 1:17 mark in the video below, if you want to see what I mean.

Bring the jump cube down the stairs to the lowest level of the puzzle room, then set it on top of the button pad that unlocks the exit. Reset the gun if you want to at this point.

Bring the jump cube up the stairs near the spot where the conveyor belt would be. Use the standard cube to re-activate the conveyor belt, then bounce your way up to the platform at the end of the conveyor. Rewind the jump cube back to its place on the button pad. From here, you can rewind the conveyor so you can walk backward on it, then use it to build momentum for your next big jump, which will bounce you to the exit.

Here’s a video walkthrough for Puzzle 1004:

Now, Puzzle 1005 was the one that really did me in. I don’t even remember how long it took me to solve this one, but I know it wasn’t quick.

So, you need to grab the bridge cube and place it on the conveyor belt with the bridge facing toward the front of the conveyor belt, so when it drops to the lower conveyor, the bridge will extend across the room. The bridge won’t extend until you stop the lower conveyor (which you can do by rewinding it). This will give you access to the platform where the jump cube rests.

Drop the jump cube off the edge of the platform so that you can use it to bounce onto the conveyor belt (or use the bridge to cross back over, like I did in the video). Grab the bridge cube and bounce back onto the platform. Position the bridge cube so that it’s pointing at the exit. You can now reset your gun to mark this as the cube’s starting position.

Bounce back over (yeah, I know) with the bridge cube and position it at the end of the conveyor belt so that it’s makes a bridge out to the spot where you first dropped down onto the bridge.

Grab the jump cube and bring it down to the bottom of the room so you can use it later to bounce to the platform above the exit (this will make so much more sense if you watch the video below).

Now, this next section is the hardest part. You need to grab the jump cube and run it out to the end of the conveyor belt so you can use it to jump up to the next platform. The thing is, the gun only stores 38.1 seconds of memory, so if you take longer than that, you’ll screw this all up and have to start over.

Now you can rewind the bridge cube back to the spot where it’s pointed at the exit.

Bounce up to the next platform, then rewind the jump cube back to its starting position (where you reset it). Bounce up to the platform over the exit. This part is actually kind of difficult, because if you move too far forward, you’ll hit your head on the platform instead of bouncing on top of it. So be warned — this part might take a few tries.

Now, you can drop down onto the bridge and reach the exit. The door is locked, but all you have to do to unlock it is press the button.

I really struggled to explain all that in words, so you probably just want to watch the video. Here’s the video walkthrough for Puzzle 1005:

And that’s how you solve Puzzle 1004 and Puzzle 1005 in The Entropy Centre.

If you’re interested in continuing this walkthrough into Act 11, check out my next guide here.

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