The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 1101

Welcome to Act 11, fellow time-rewind enthusiast! Act 11 of The Entropy Centre offers even more puzzles to figure out, so I’m going to walk you through them!

Before you solve Puzzle 1101, though, there’s a section where you have to figure out how to get up multiple floor when the stairs are broken (and the elevators don’t seem to be working). This part threw me off a little the first time I encountered it, so I decided to make a video of that.

Here’s a video:

Note that there a couple emails to grab here if you’re interested in collecting all the data intel. I show both locations in the above video.

Now, Puzzle 1101 is actually surprisingly easy, especially when compared with Puzzle 1004 and 1005 (which I have a complete guide for right here). All you have to do is grab the laser cube and point it at the receiver that opens the exit door. Now walk the cube through the transmogrifier beam so it turns into a bridge cube. Use that to cross the gap, then rewind the cube back to the position where it was firing a beam at the receiver. Boom, you’re done.

You can see a video walkthrough for Puzzle 1101 below.

Puzzle 1102 isn’t quite as easy as Puzzle 1101, but it’s not bad at all.

Grab the standard cube and place it on the button pad that opens the exit. This is the cube’s final resting place.

Now, grab the cube and transform it into a jump cube. Place this between the two platforms at the edge of the room (between the exit platform and the platform across from it). Transform the cube into a laser cube and jump up the springboard to the higher area of the room.

All you have to do now is just use the bridge cube to cross the first gap, then rewind the cube back to when it was a jump cube so you can bounce to the exit platform. Once you’re near the exit, rewind the cube back to its spot on the button pad. You should be golden.

Here’s a video walkthrough for Puzzle 1102:

And that’s how you solve Puzzle 1101 and Puzzle 1102 in The Entropy Centre. You can continue on to the next walkthrough by checking out my guide to Puzzle 1103 and 1104.

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